Have you ever had a pet die because you listened to friends giving veterinary advice on Facebook?

I’ll be the first to admit I do a lot of silent snooping around Facebook as I search for ideas. One topic I see quite often is people turning to Facebook first for opinions rather than scooping their cat up and heading to the vet immediately.

medical advice facebook

Yea…it’s like this (memegenerator.com)

Have any of you had a pet die because you listened to friends on Facebook who told you everything would be fine? You either took their advice without contacting the vet first or you took so long reading the Facebook comments the cat died because you didn’t trust your instinct to get help IMMEDIATELY.

It happens a lot. I’ve learned when to judge when a cat needs a vet. This may not be as serious a medical issue as it is an emotional one. Until you find out what’s wrong and you have an accurate diagnosis as well as a plan of action you will worry. I compare it to being a parent. You actually have an instinct and need to listen to it and actually do something, if not for your pet, then for your own peace of mind.

I’ve seen cases of poisoning where the owner was going ‘ok I’ll try that first.’ Um…NO! Don’t mess around with poison. Don’t wait for advice from friends. Get that cat to the vet because you may only have a few hours to act or your cat will be dead.

When it’s a life-or-death emergency

cat poisoned

Goldie lived, thanks to quick treatment (photo by Elisa)

My mother’s cat Goldie came stumbling down her driveway many years ago. She knew something wasn’t right, scooped him up and took him to the vet immediately. He had a fever of 106F. The vet said his throat looked like someone poured Drano down it. He spent three days in the hospital but he survived and was never allowed outside again. The day he was poisoned was the day he became an inside-only kitty.

When it’s for your own peace of mind

deaf cat

Annabelle may or may not have broken her leg (Elisa)

Our deaf cat Annabelle had an accident. Even being an inside-only cat didn’t keep her safe from getting into mischief! You can read her story below

My Deaf Cat Annabelle Had An Accident

In it, I wrote “My poor kitty was limping and terrified. She couldn’t put the injured foot on the floor and it was swelling up quickly.”

Annabelle was diagnosed with having a bad sprain that would heal in about a week. The grotesque position of her paw left us grateful she didn’t break it. It appeared broken when we found her. The position she was in was so nerve-wracking (for lack of a better word) that we were about to clip the claw off just to keep her from tearing off her own leg.

I HAD to know she hadn’t caused major damage.

I see posts on Facebook where the owner is asking for opinions. Everything from seeing worms coming out the mouth to seriously enlarged pupils and the cat acting ‘weird.’ GET TO THE VET! Do not get on Facebook and wait for OPINIONS!

I’m going to end this article now

I could go on and on and on about the scenarios I’ve read on people using Facebook as their primary source of information. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t. Most pet owners just need a bit of education to learn how to tell the difference, especially if you have a cat. Dogs can get by with so much more and things a dog can survive may kill a cat in just a few hours.

Please feel free to comment in the Facebook section below or in the moderated comment section (Facebook is easier). Have any of you ever lost a pet due to accepting bad advice on Facebook?

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Have you ever had a pet die because you listened to friends giving veterinary advice on Facebook? — 1 Comment

  1. Some of my friends actually DO give me correct advice each and every time, including instructions to GET THE CAT TO THE VET. You’d better know someone has the knowledge because you truly risking the life of your cat if they brush off something life-threatening.

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