Have You Ever Lost Your Cat in Your Home?

Have you lost your cat in your home even when you live in an apartment?

It sounds a bit crazy but it is certainly possible to lose your cat in your own home even when your home is quite a small place because cats are incredibly stealthy, they are quick, they hide beautifully and sometimes you just cannot see where they’re going and even if you know your home inside out you can still lose your cat.

When this happens you might start to panic and you might start to think your cat has escaped to the outside. You might start to think that your cat has jumped into the washing machine and, oh my God, the washing machine is running!

You search high and low. You search in every place that you know. You cannot believe that you can’t find your darling cat because you know for sure that he is there but where?

She lost her cat in her home
She lost her cat in her home
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The picture illustrating this page, which I believe was taken by Ms Wallace of her cat Clancy is a good example. This is black-on-black and just one of the hazards.

Today, as has happened on other days, I lost my cat. I live in a relatively small home but I still lost him and I searched for about 15 minutes. I eventually found him in the hallway. What I believe had happened was that I’d come in via the hallway, closed the entrance of the hallway and while I was doing that he had stealthily entered the area without me noticing.

Thereafter I searched every area except the hallway and when I finally did search the hallway I discovered him. In fact, he was sitting proudly on top of a radiator for everyone to see except me!

On other occasions I have looked in all the usual hiding places and failed to find him. On these occasions I have almost decided that he has escaped from my apartment. When I have paused in searching for him, having almost given up and feeling distraught, he calmly trots up behind me as if nothing has happened, from I don’t know where. I am relieved and bemused at the same time.

In the case of Ms Wallace and her cat Clancy, she states that she spent 10 minutes searching for her cat. She even went outside and then checked the living room, bedrooms and found nothing. When she rechecked the living room where there are plenty of places to hide, she finally realised that her cat was sitting proudly on top of the television cabinet!iding

Have you ever been in a situation when you have got into a bit of a panic about losing your cat in your home, right in front of you, within yards of where you are standing but failing to see him/her? The word “panic” is important because when we get a bit panicky we search poorly and envisage the worst case scenario.

I think it is distinctly possible that this can happen because of my experiences and because I know that cats are incredibly stealthy and they can find places to hide which you did not realize existed.

15 thoughts on “Have You Ever Lost Your Cat in Your Home?”

  1. Oh, yes! Ed, a beautiful black and white long-haired cat will be almost impossible to find when he wants to be alone.
    Once I was sure he was outside and lost. I thought I had combed the house. Finally, I found his hiding place: a small space behind our couch which backs into a wall. It was cozy with some carpet there. There are other places he will stay until he wants to come out, and I’m not sure where they are.
    Here’s a picture of him, 9 years old. We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks of age.

    • Hi Barbara, your story is very similar to mine. I searched what I thought was everywhere and decided he had escaped the home and become disorientated and lost. Things can become desperate sometimes. For the cat, all is normal 😉 .

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. When a friend was taken into hospital by ambulance, Babz and I were there to see that her cats were all safe. Doing a head count after, we found one was missing, a very nervous one. We searched high and low, every nook and cranny in her bungalow, even in daft paces, but she was nowhere. We came to the conclusion that despite all our precautions she had got out when the ambulance men came.
    We searched outside too with no success, we were frantic as she had never been outside alone before in her life.
    That afternoon we went to visit our friend and as she was so ill we daren’t tell her that one of her cats was missing.
    Later we returned with a trap cage only to see the cat sitting looking out of the window at us, what a relief! But where had she been? Telling our friend the story later she laughed and said she could have told us where to look, to tip up the armchair and see the tiny hole in the bottom, which led to the cats hidey hole up inside the chair lol


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