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Have You Ever Lost Your Cat in Your Home? — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, yes! Ed, a beautiful black and white long-haired cat will be almost impossible to find when he wants to be alone.
    Once I was sure he was outside and lost. I thought I had combed the house. Finally, I found his hiding place: a small space behind our couch which backs into a wall. It was cozy with some carpet there. There are other places he will stay until he wants to come out, and I’m not sure where they are.
    Here’s a picture of him, 9 years old. We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks of age.

    • Hi Barbara, your story is very similar to mine. I searched what I thought was everywhere and decided he had escaped the home and become disorientated and lost. Things can become desperate sometimes. For the cat, all is normal 😉 .

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. When a friend was taken into hospital by ambulance, Babz and I were there to see that her cats were all safe. Doing a head count after, we found one was missing, a very nervous one. We searched high and low, every nook and cranny in her bungalow, even in daft paces, but she was nowhere. We came to the conclusion that despite all our precautions she had got out when the ambulance men came.
    We searched outside too with no success, we were frantic as she had never been outside alone before in her life.
    That afternoon we went to visit our friend and as she was so ill we daren’t tell her that one of her cats was missing.
    Later we returned with a trap cage only to see the cat sitting looking out of the window at us, what a relief! But where had she been? Telling our friend the story later she laughed and said she could have told us where to look, to tip up the armchair and see the tiny hole in the bottom, which led to the cats hidey hole up inside the chair lol

  3. I have previously written on “P.O.C” about the “Houdini style” vanishing acts of my female cat “Matahari” within the house. She has made us search the entire building compound on two occasions. Loves playing “HIDE AND SEEK” with her human owner. Gets into empty openings and drawers and hides, waiting for us to search the entire house.This has happened on numerous occasions during her life-time from kitten-hood.Twice we even presumed her lost, thinking she wandered out of the house door and into the open bad World of feral cats.Returning home and searching found her once locked in my “Cupboard ” and on another occasion in my clothes drawer.
    A candid photo shows her hiding comfortably in a bag i left on my table. Strangely my other cat,”Matata” has not inherited any of the “Hide-Seek” character from his dam which proves that all cats have different personalities.

      • My 10 month old cat responds to her name 8/10 (she is a cat, can’t expect 10/10), she has learned good things happen when she comes, usually it means a game of chase the laser, I recorded myself playing “Silent Night” on my Squeezebox and every time I play the recording on my phone she runs to me…of course she may be trying to switch it off 🙁 but I like to think she enjoys it.

  4. Michael, I have to say yes, albeit, temporarily, but yes. . . I haven’t really panicked about it, but I worry that they may have gotten out. . .they are such good hiders!! ♥♥♥

    • Well, I am pleased you understand the scenario. The one time I sort of panicked was when Gabriel was very young and a foster cat. I even went outside to search for him. I had given up almost and found him in a place I hadn’t thought of.

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