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Have You Heard of “Werewolf Syndrome” in Cats? — 9 Comments

  1. I like the lion cut, but it seems a bit to extreme. Some hair should’ve been left on the body and the mane part is too long in my opinion.

    BTW: They’re were-kitties not werewolves.

  2. She’s a precious kitty who needs lots of love and care. As a cat groomer, I have had to shave cats due to many medical issues, and they went on to live normal lives. I sure don’t advocate shaving for reasons of less work or human desires. And the dye sure has to go!

  3. Diane- we are on the same page. I shave MaMa Theo in a sort of mini lion/loin style at home for this very reason. she is twelve years of age, and a big cat; however her legs are short.

    Word of warning–when a Maine Coon reaches older age [ for mine it was around eight years old.
    > Be more careful about shaving them as the coat does not grow back nearly as full and lush at this point and you may wish to concentrate only on the problem areas. I found out the hard and uninformed way. Never heard of this before, but it did happen to two of my Maine Coons with the thin and velvety fur.

    Thank you for reading and for loving your cats.

  4. Michael, No I haven’t actually heard the term before, but it is not surprising to me either. That being said, I think you know me well enough to know that I think ALL cats are absolutely adorable — regardless of fur – no fur, long – short, curly – not curly. I would care for ANY cat as they needed!! ♥♥♥ As far as the pink coloring, as long as it’s pet safe, I don’t mind (although not necessary for a cat to be gorgeous!), and as for the lion cut, I get this done to my Maine Coon mix twice per year because she is a big girl and cannot keep her butt properly cleaned without the cut! ♥♥♥

  5. I had a cat named Bonkers, who was a long-haired black Persian mix (I believe) with extremely dense, waterproof, and surprisingly tangle-free fur. After I first brought him home, he’d go through these episodes where he’d become extremely agitated, start thumping his hind legs, and trying to bite at the fur on his back. Shaving his fur into “the lion cut” made an amazing difference — he became far less agitated and would fly around the house like a young kitten. My guess is that Moony is probably a lot happier with her “do” too.

    Moony is almost TOO cute, in my opinion, but the pink fur dye absolutely needs to go! Moony needs cosmetics almost as much as Mona Lisa needed a perm.

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