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Have you made personal sacrifices when looking after your cat(s)? — 32 Comments

  1. When you love someone be it animal or human it isn’t really a sacrifice though is it? You never think of yourself as “sacrificing” a holiday, you just don’t want to go on one, and you just buy the best food you can and care for your cat as well as you would any other family member.

      • Exactly, if you’re moaning on about can’t do this or that or buy the other then really you’re resenting the fact that you can’t do it because of the cat (for example), in fact to go further I don’t think having a cat (or dog if that is your fancy) IS sacrificing anything, like Ruth says it’s a choice. Can’t speak about having kids as never had any but there again it’s a choice so that shouldn’t be “sacrifice” either.

  2. This could be in the realm of TMI (too much information!) but what I meant was, Bigfoot actually fetches me when he has made a poo. Daytime, he ventures all the way downstairs and meows loudly to get my attention. I go to him and he jogs upstairs and sits in front of the room where his litter tray is. Once he sees I’m tending to it, he goes back to bed! In the middle of the night too! Rascal.

    • God, he has you well trained. Mind you he is so sweet. I’d be exactly the same. For geriatric cats we sacrifice more I think. We have to. They need us more.

      Sorry my comment was a bit TMIish! I am very practical.

  3. Both Ruth and Michael’s comments reminded me of the biggest sacrifice. Similar I’m sure to a new mum (never did that myself), which is never getting a full nights sleep without interruption! Again, my choice of course. Sadly, I only get to sleep with Bigfoot. But like clockwork, around midnight, again at 2:30 and he wakes me fully again after 4:00 to remind me it is time to feed the others. Then he sleeps until noon! Being an old cat, I’m willing to sacrifice my nights sleep to be sure all is well.

    Does anyone else’s cat let you know when they have done ” big” business in the potty? That is Bigfoot. All those toes cannot be digging around soiled litter!

    • I think he nighttime activity maybe age related. I don’t know. Charlie sleeps solidly next to me all night.

      As to “potty noise”, yes, Charlie does get up early sometimes for a poo and he does make a lot of noise and smell. It can wake me up for a while. I tend to ignore it and deal with it when I get up. I suppose allowing myself to be woken is a sacrifice and allowing him to fill the flat with the sweat scent of his poo is also a sacrifice. If I have guests I make sure it is dealt with well before they arrive. I don’t have many guests though. I wonder why…

      I have a dehumidifier which desiccates the poo and sucks the life out of it 😉 I did not buy it for that purposes but it seems to reduce the odor.

  4. I wouldn’t call it sacrifice for cats, I’d call it a lifestyle choice. They don’t ask us to adopt them, we have a choice whether to have cats in our homes or not and if we choose to have them then we owe it to them to give them the best life we can.
    We never go on holiday since Barbara lost her John, they used to have a few days away while I cared for all our cats and I had a few days away knowing they were caring for them. I stayed at three different retreats, in beautiful peaceful places and all had resident cats, but I could hardly wait to get back, I missed our cats so much.
    We don’t go out much or buy new clothes, we drive an ancient car lol but it’s our choice so that we can keep our boyz in the best way and help local sanctuaries a bit as well.
    We don’t have to do it, we choose to do it and it makes us happier than if we were selfish and did nothing, even though some people think we are crazy lol

  5. My Sealy takes a lot of my time. For the past year he’s been convinced he belongs in my lap every minute. Its difficult to write because my best writing is done at a desk in Lauras room. He refuses to allow me to make him a bed. I’m like a mother with a newborn. The only good time I have to write is when my child is napping in a box or in his cage eating. I think he’s quite spoiled now.

    • lol he deserves spoiling Elisa. Jozef lets me know when he wants me off the computer, I feel his eyes boring into me. Walter climbs on Barbara’s keyboard lol

      • Ha ha I was just reading this and he came onto my keyboard via the table, talk about timing! He’s just had half a packet of Kit e Kat (that I trailed downstairs to get for him) and instead of getting back into the computer chair he’s made me get off the kitchen chair that I’d moved onto to let him have the computer chair ;ioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo << now he's written that comment and shifted me from the computer chair again.

    • I think that is a sacrifice because you allow him to disrupt (albeit in a nice way) what you would prefer or need to be doing. Good on you.

      Cats do actually impinge on our lives more than we probably realise.

      • Ah but he knows I prefer to be spending time with him rather than doing anything else 😉 he is my Lord and Master lol

  6. Always make sure our kitties get the best cat food as if we dont we get growly looks and dissappointment looks from the cats so best to make them happy. ive noticed also when i give them wet food they are most at their happinest and dont catch as much live food i.e birds etc.

    • Good advice Kylee. Thank you. We should make some financial sacrifices (if we have to) to ensure our cats get the best cat food we can buy. The tough part sometimes is getting our cat to like it. Bigfoot (DW’s elderly polydactyl cat) only likes dry cat food which is a shame. I wonder if the manufacturers make it so artificially tasty that cats are drawn to even if it is not good in the long term.

  7. I certainly plan my time around the cats. I make sure to never fill a whole day with things away from home. Marvin gets squirrelly if I am gone too long. So does Bigfoot. I’m not a wealthy person, but I don’t have to skimp on quality food. I try whatever looks healthy and keep track of what they will and won’t eat. Turns out old Marvin has become quite the connoisseur of quality cat food. Back yard cats aren’t fussy.

    I haven’t taken a vacation with my husband in years. If we do, it is always with a house sitter who stays full time. I know her and trust her. She sends photos of the cats. I am always reassured. But still, that is an extra expense, and a hefty one so it is easier for he and I to go our separate ways. It works because we prefer to do different things anyway. And of course, that is cheaper than a divorce! Lol.

    Daisy was very expensive during her later years. But I would never make decisions based on expense for any of the animals health or welfare.

    Like the cool sisters (Ruth and Babz) said, I’d eat biscuits and jam every day if I had to!!

    • lol Dorothy your ‘cool sisters’ always makes me laugh and yes it’s true we’d eat bread and jam for every meal rather than deprive our cats of the best.
      I’d even sell my body if we were desperate, but I hope it doesn’t come to that because at my age I think I’d be the one paying out for it to be ‘taken’ lol lol

      • Don’t sell yourself short, R.
        I’ve seen some of the babes working the streets here.
        I think the guys would go for a monkey!

  8. As a bachelor i could always just lock my house and go on a trip for a few days or a month. My two cats and parakeet require my house care-taker to live with them while i am away. Honestly, my cats have a better standard of living than me ! How many cats or birds in India could boast of having the entire house-hold to themselves while their human master works to maintain their aristocratic life-style.My cats and the Alexandrine parakeet are my “Non-Human Family” and without them life would be lonely in a lonely house-hold.

  9. I never go on holiday my cats come first. when we think about holiday we end up with more cats. so we can not go on holiday. my cats will miss me if I go on holiday they depend on me to be there . when l am out my husband till me that one of my cats the maine coon goes around the house looking for me in and out of the rooms. so there will be no holiday for me.

    • Same here Carole – I try not to leave ever – sometimes I have to travel for a few days for work but I pretty much do my best always to avoid leaving for more than 9 hours.

    • I think not going on holiday is the most common sacrifice for cat lovers. I haven’t been on holiday for years mainly, almost exclusively, because I feel I can’t leave my cat for that time.

      Most of us don’t know how our cats react when we aren’t there. Some people would be surprised.

  10. Of course.
    Nearly my whole life evolves around my cats.

    • I buy better and more food for them than I buy for myself.
    • I see that they are warm and close the heat vent in my bedroom to save on utility costs.
    • I never skimp on their healthcare but may postpone or reschedule some of mine – I get to it eventually only because I know that I’m needed and that I’m no good to them dead.
    • I buy nearly everything secondhand.
    • I trim my own hair.

    I could go on and on; but, that’s just the way it is. I’m happy, they’re happy, end of story…

  11. No holidays for over 10 years (so I let my passport expire rather than renew it); cats eat better than I do; they get better medical care than I do. And when given a choice between husband & cats, i kept the cats. Actually, that wasn’t a sacrifice LOL

    • Good comment. It does not surprise me. At the moment my cat does not eat better than me. Sometimes he eats as well as me. In fact we eat the same food at the same time.

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