Have you seen Cygnus?

Have you seen Cygnus?

by Cora D
(Pittsfield, NH)

Well, my fiance had this Maine Coon. And before I had a chance to come get him and keep him with me, his sister-in-law (who was pregnant at the time) took him to the shelter and called him a stray. So he wants his cat back. And I've been trying to figure out which shelter she put him at and am hoping if I find it and the people who may have adopted him, that I can pay them full price just to get him back.

I wanna do it for him, and because I miss Cygnus. It's pronounced Cig-nus. So I don't know if anyone can help but I'll put up a picture of what he looked like so you can see and maybe help me out. I'd say us, but he doesn't know what I'm planning. His plan is to get rich and then put out adds, but I wanna do it faster. Anyone seen this cat at a shelter in NH?

Admin: Hi, thanks for sharing. I am not sure Cygnus is a Maine Coon if that is him in the photograph. But he's a nice cat.

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