He [a cat] brings a wonderfully calm, sweet energy to the place

Cat brings calm and sweet energy to man's home

Cat brings calm and sweet energy to man’s home. Screenshot.

Stray tuxedo cat gently moves into this man’s home. The video explains it all in a very pleasant way. The guy uses nice words some of which I’ve adopted for the title to this post. His description reminds me of this one:

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau.

Communication between them is instinctive and intuitive

Communication between them is instinctive and intuitive. Screenshot.

There are two players in this story and are both equally good. This guy is perfect for this cat. He is very gentle and they communicate instinctively and intuitively. They are made for each other. It looks like he’s a film cameraman or perhaps he makes documentaries. I don’t know. It’s not actually that relevant except to say that he is probably a bit of an artist which fits in nicely with the narrative because the independent nature of the artist fits very well with the independent nature of the domestic cat. You can sense the symbiosis in this beautiful relationship. It’s what makes the video so enjoyable.

Wakes him up

Wakes him up. Screenshot.

And you can see how stray cats can adopt people. They persistently work their way into your life if you are open to that possibility. Quite a lot of people never purposefully go out of their way to adopt a domestic cat. The cat just turns up and adopts them with their consent, of course. This is what Sarah Hartwell, a colleague of mine, who runs the messybeast.com website said. As I understand it, some (all?) of her cat companions have been adopted this way. She’s a great cat lover and very knowledgeable about them. This man, in the video, is also a cat lover. Perhaps he didn’t realise it but he does now. I sense, actually, that he’s an animal lover so it goes wider than just felines. It’s a beautiful relationship. They both gain and it’s the way it should always be, but certainly isn’t.

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