He asked: “Is it normal to have the urge to hurt my cat?”

On reddit.com a person who calls himself ‘Prankishbear’ asked “Is it normal to have the urge to hurt my cat?” He says that he likes his cat.

There are quite a lot of people on the internet asking a question similar to this one. Another man on Yahoo asks, “Why do i have these uncontrollable urges to hurt my cat?”

This particular person says that he has no urge to hurt his dog. It seems that cats are the object of their imagined violence.

Desire to hurt a cat
Desire to hurt a cat
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They are genuine questions. They are disturbing. They need help from a qualified professional.

One good aspect of this is that they are asking the question in public which obviously indicates self-examination and introspection. That must help prevent the person from acting out their thoughts.

Personally, I feel that these people are full of anger which has infiltrated their minds and taken up residence permanently. There are probably very good, justifiable and sad reasons why they are angry.

They want to release their anger on an object and cats are very suitable unfortunately because they are there. Cats do as they please which might aggravate the fragile mentality of a person who wants to express his anger by doing violence against a cat.

The answers to these questions from others vary from arguing that it is normal to have these thoughts to advising that they seek professional help urgently.

One person said that they are intrusive thoughts which even well balanced people cat sufffer from. He said that it was part of the human condition. If these dangerous intrusive thoughts happen now and then, it is okay. That was the suggestion.

I am not sure that I agree. People with these macabre thoughts may be developing sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. But I am not a psychiatrist.

There is no doubt that they need to see their GP and ask to be referred to a mental health specialist.

It is particularly sad for me that these people always target the domestic cat, theirs or their girlfriend’s or perhaps any cat on the street. We have seen this a lot on the internet through smartphone videos.

The cat is terribly vulnerable to these dangerous people. Is the dog less likely to be the subject matter of these disturbed thoughts?

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