He divorced his wife because she had too many cats. He remarried her now she has more of them.

She’s a Persian cat breeder. She spends a lot of time with her cats. They are champions. He’s not particularly fond of cats. Despite this they married in 1968. They had two children, Juliet and James. She’s Marlene Howes and he’s Professor Trevor Howes.

The marriage failed partly because the cats got between them. You know how it is with cat ladies. It failed even though Trevor built a cattery in the garden. It seems that Marlene spent too much time with her Persians of which she had ten when they divorced.

He divorced his wife because she had too many cats. He remarried her now she has more cats.
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Thirty years passed and Trevor, who had remarried and become a widower, saw his ex-wife on the television labelled as ‘The Woman With FORTY Cats’. He decided to get in touch with her.

They ended up having a meal together in a nice pub and one thing led to another. Marlene has more cats than when they divorced but this time they have a neat solution to keep the marriage on the rails.

They’ll live in separate homes, 30 minutes apart. This sort of marriage has happened before and they can be very successful.

Their daughter helped them get together again. She talked to her mother and told her that her father would like to meet her for a meal.

Marlene said about the second marriage:

“It was a super day”.

Trevor said:

“We met somehow, we got together and that broke the ice. We went out for a meal. It was just like when we first met. She was a pretty lady then, and she is now.”

Let’s hope it lasts this time around. I think it will.

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P.S. Her Persians are the familiar flat-faced, extreme appearance Persians that aficionados see as the standard nowadays. They are popular but they are also inherently unhealthy and I am sorry to say that when this story has a happy ending.

Source: Metro

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