He had one “male” cat and in 21 weeks he had 17

This anonymous guy had what he thought was one male cat named Oscar. Oscar was unneutered and pregnant. She gave birth to four kittens.

Some of the kittens
Some of the kittens. Photo: Cats Protection.
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A young male in the litter mated with Oscar (his mother) AND his sister as soon as he could. They both delivered litters.

Twenty-one weeks after Oscar gave birth to her first litter there were 17 cats where once there was one.

The man immediately felt out of his depth and called Cats Protection who realised what had happened. Some of the kittens were anaemic and other had heart murmurs. They think the anaemia was caused by fleas. The blood sucking parasites. One kitten needed a hospital visit because he had difficulty breathing. He’s a fighter and he pulled through. They named him Damien.

All the kittens are with Cats Protection fosters at their Chiltern, Harrow and North London. They are beautiful tabbies.

The moral of the story is to always neuter and spay your cats. A be switched on to the whole issue of quality cat care. It cann’t be carried out carelessly. Failure to do so can cause a massive problem. The bigger problem falls onto the shoulders of the unwanted cats. The man simply had to call Cats Protection who took over. If there was no Cat Protection or similar charity or the man was even less competent than he already is, the kittens could have suffered badly. It’s the cats who ultimately suffer the most.

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  1. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand that cats need to be neutered and spayed. The only thing threatening this species is overpopulation. Thank you for sharing this yet another tragic story.


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