He has buried over 500 cats in 13 years

Twenty-five-year-old Mohd Amin Fuad Ramli, a fisherman, spends his spare time burying cats who have died on the streets. There appear to be many. Mohd cannot pass by and leave them there. I think he feels that it is undignified to leave the cats unburied and I think he is right.

Apparently, though, according to the author of the article on the worldofbuzz.com website (via the Harian Metro), he has “faced a lot of stigma from people in his neighbourhood”. Why is that? I’d have thought they’d be pleased.

Mohd said:

“I’ve done this since I was 12 years old. If I see a dead cat, I can’t bear to see it lying like that and I need to bury it.”

What about that? Two thoughts come to my mind. The first is that there must be a lot of stray, street cats in Malaysia where this kind person lives.

Secondly, they die where they live and their bodies are clearly visible to the people living there. You’d think it’d be sensible for the local authorities to do something about it such as instigate a TNR problem and to take over Mohd’s role. This is really a job for the authorities on health and safety grounds.

And the cats do indeed demand respect and the best way to do that is to take preventative action: as mentioned reduce their numbers humanely and while doing so take care of them. I expect that a lot of people do take care of a lot of them but TNR is the answer.

Photo: Hassan Omar on the Harian Metro website (hmetro.com.my).

5 thoughts on “He has buried over 500 cats in 13 years”

    • Yes, well, we know about people like you – the nasty ones, the inhumane ones, the violent ones, the hunters and killers.

      • Do tell. Which are the most humane and inhumane ways that all animals die:

        1) Being torn in half by a larger predator.

        2) Lapping-up antifreeze in a gutter.

        3) Being eaten from the inside-out by parasites.

        4) Being half ran-over by a vehicle so they drag what’s left of their body to die in a ditch or culvert and suffer to death for days.

        5) Freezing to the pavement from a cold winter.

        6) Baking to death in a hot summer sun.

        7) Slowly dying from any environmental toxins; like plants, reptile and insect bites, or industrial chemicals that they explore.

        8) Being strung-up by the neck by your neighbor who has had their last-straw with your disrespectful and neglectful pet-owner values.

        9) Slowly dying from puss-filled cat-fight wounds or any of the easily communicable feline diseases.

        10) Dying in under 2 seconds from being humanely shot to death.

        You have some odd ideas about what is truly cruel and inhumane. The cruelest people of all on all of earth are those that let their cats roam free to die any of those ways. The most inhumane of all are those that complain about their 100%-expendable cats being humanely shot to death — the most humane death their 100%-expendable cat will ever hope to have. People who shoot your cats care more about your cat not suffering to death even more than you do.

        • You have some odd ideas about how stray cats in Malaysia die. You don’t know how stray cats or community cats (many of these cats will be fed by people such as shop keepers) die in that country. You are making an assumption. Most of these cats will have died for the same reasons domestic cats die. In fact a lot of these cats are probably domestic cats. In that country nearly all domestic cats go outside and roam and the people have a looser relationship with the domestic cat. And most domestic wandering cats will die of chronic disease. You have an incredibly distorted view of life and you are incredibly intransigent. Your mind is not open to other possibilities. You find arguments to suit your thoughts. It is sad really.

          • You reveal your astounding ignorance by stating that “… for the same reasons domestic cats die. In fact a lot of these cats are probably domestic cats. …”

            They are ALL domestic cats….. Note from Admin: remainder too rude and insulting. Not all cats are domesticated, you damned idiot. Banned as usual…


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