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He promised his father in heaven that he’d look after feral cats

“When it rain, I come when it snow, I come. When it’s windy, I come. Every day, no matter how the weather is. Because they waiting. No matter what time it is they waiting.”

Willie looks after feral cats. Photo: AP.

Hartford, USA: He is called ‘Willie the Cat Man’ and people know of his work. I guess they contact him when the need advice and help on feral cats. Willie is one of many volunteers across America who give their time and money with enormous commitment to the welfare of feral and stray cats. I am a great fan of all feral cat caregiver volunteers. He feeds and does TNR work.

“They always afraid because they had no human contact when they was born, they always hiding in the shadows. So they don’t trust anybody. Little by little with the food you know you can gain the trust.”

Twenty-four years ago he promised his deceased dad that he’d take care of the animals and he has stuck to that promise religiously every day since, come rain or shine.

His commitment comes from his promise and because he knows that his cats depend on him and are waiting for him. The cats don’t stop needing him if the weather is bad.

It is not cheap looking after fifty cats at 16 places across Hartford over a 22 mile journey. He sells scrap metal to pay for the best quality cat food he can afford.

“I feed them the best food I can find because if I’m going to give them something, I don’t want to give them bad stuff. I give them something they eat. I see them happy eating what I put down you know..”

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