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Heads up to Carole Baskin: planned protest at Big Cat Rescue July 10

Two friends from the state of Indiana, USA are campaigning on Facebook for a protest at Big Cat Rescue, Florida (BCR). Their call to action is published below. The picture is an attempted joke on the accusation repeated in the Netflix film that Baskin put her husband’s body in a meat grinder. I think that picture could be defamatory.

Planned protest at BCR

I had already said previously we should protest her. Due to how she treats staff, collects money, doesn’t do anything for wildlife or conserving wildlife, Blankman said in a message.

There are a few issues that need to be raised about this.

It is planned to take place on July 10. This is possibly too optimistic because of the coronavirus pandemic. I’d expect that large gatherings will still be banned on that date but I could be very wrong.

These two men, Chad Blankman and Randy Baker think that BCR is a sham. They think that Carole Baskin is not genuinely carrying out cat rescue. In my opinion they are badly mistaken. They should read my page on this (click here).

As at the date of this post – 4 April – there are 1,200 people who have said they will go to the protest. Carole Baskin needs a heads up on this. Although it may well fizzle out or be peaceful it may not and they could cause trouble.

Blankman and Baker appear to have believed everything that is said in the Netflix documentary, which has been discussed endlessly online and which has gone viral. It is called: “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”.

On the BCR website Carole Baskin refutes the criticism of her in the documentary which she described as sensationalist and salacious. In other words the makers have hyped it up and lied to make the film appear more interesting. I’d hope that these two read her rebuttal to the accusations. It they visit this page I’d ask them to click on this link to go to it.

Blankman is checking out the legal requirements for staging a protest.

P.S. links to outside websites can sometimes break for reasons out of my control.

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Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Carol Baskin's net worth is over 20 million dollars. In 2018 she MADE 4 million dollars as a CEO of a "non profit" organization. For someone who is the business of helping cats, she gave back less than 20,000 to a handful of groups (vaguely named after continents). Her entire operation is a phony coverup for her greed.

    So out of 4 million profit. You donated 20,000. This is exactly why she needs to be stopped! She is taking in so much and giving change back! Even out of that 4 million she could have donated half of that. (It’s non profit correct?) She gave up 20,000. Her greed is what’s fueling this protest. (I can send you her tax records from 2018 if you’d like!)

    Joe is a representation of someone who she used her greed and he had to shut him down. There are so many people who agree. If there wasn’t, this protest wouldn’t growing or getting the attention that it has! Yes, Joe did things that were wrong. We all have. We are human and we learn from our mistakes.

    Carole went for Joes assets, but she didn’t go for his cats? HE STILL OWNED CATS! She ended up taking away the assets that would provide for those cats. She didn’t even go for the cats. If she was so concerned about the cats why weren’t they the first thing she went for? Because she wanted to hurt him. Her main concern was hurting him not the well being for the cats. She’s also bullied other people out of their cats, I know the real story behind Tony. How the lady & husband separated. She asked Carole to keep him till she could figure something out. Carole then went through the courts and took her animal away, all while she played nice and told her it’s fine he can stay there till she figures something out. She tried to bring Tony food they wouldn’t allow it. Also in the documentary she gets down next to Tony. Tony’s own has shared photos of their cat in their care and he looked way healthier.

    What about Carole’s past volunteers telling media how her cats are always injured and that’s why they are never all on display? (Abuse probably)

    If people think this is a protest about BCR because of a documentary they’re mistaken.

    This is a protest to stand up for all of the big cat people that Carole has attacked.

    This is a protest to educate the volunteers they are working for free. While Carole a person who makes makes millions of dollars as a CEO for BCR. People who she openly admitted she doesn’t get to know, or doesn’t pay!

    Carole is full of greed, she uses people for services while clearing over a million dollars yearly. She’s a hypocrite who killed her husband!

    • That last sentence is defamatory and she should sue you in the civil courts. I've not bothered to read the rest. I'll do a post on it.

  • I appreciate the article very much! I’m sure you don’t need to give Carole a warning, I’m sure she knows. There are members of her team are on our event page! Please keep publishing! It only bring more attention to our event. We’d love all the free publicity we can get!! Please keep publishing as much as you’d like!

    Thank you kindly,
    Chad Blankman!

    • Yes, it works both ways. I hope you have reassessed your opinion of BCR but I doubt it. No doubt you are one of those who likes to abuse and exploit big cats and who supports Joe Exotic, the 'nice guy' who tried to commit murder and who abused big cats for years.

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