Cat Health Issues: From Allergies to Death (A-D)

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Can cats be allergic to humans?

Why do cats touch your face with their nose?

This is turning the tables in a dramatic way because almost all the literature on cat allergies concerns humans being allergic to cats. My research on the subject of cats being allergic to humans results in the conclusion that humans … please continue reading

Is Metamucil safe for cats?

Metamucil (Psyllium) is a human-use treatment for constipation. Is it safe for cats? There is some confusion on the internet. The simple answer is that it is not FDA approved for cats and dogs (in the US) as far as … please continue reading

My cat has arthritis what do I do?

Here are some things that you could consider doing if you think your cat has arthritis. The most common form is degenerative joint disease. The cartilage covering the surface of the joint wears out. The bone becomes rough at the … please continue reading

“Cleo” a Bagral cat

Bagral cat

This is a rare cat with an unusual appearance. Cleo looks very stocky and has a very definite wild appearance which is unsurprising because she is a wildcat hybrid. She is cross between a fishing cat which is quite a … please continue reading

Electric Shock and Burns in Cats

It occurred to me that Christmas is a good time to discuss this topic because, due to all the activity that Christmas brings (both to cats and people) and the extra electrical wiring for lights etc., the chances of a … please continue reading

Home Treatment for Megacolon in Cats

By Bruce in North Dakota, USA Intro by Michael: Occasionally chronic constipation is due to an enlarged, sluggish colon that is not working properly; it doesn’t contract to push the feces out. This condition is called megacolon. Cats megacolon require … please continue reading

Cat Food Allergy Symptoms

What are the signs of an allergic reaction to food for a cat? The symptoms of allergic reactions are often rather vague and it is difficult for people to figure out what caused them and if it’s an allergic reaction … please continue reading

Can cats be allergic to humans?

There is an inordinate amount of information on the Internet about how people can be allergic to their cat. As I understand it, about 10%, or perhaps more, of the human population are allergic to cats. I wonder whether a … please continue reading

Cat Vaccinations in the Tail

Giving cat vaccinations in the tip of the tail is a new idea. The aim is to save legs from being amputated if cancer forms at the site of the injection. When that happens the cat’s owner doesn’t want to … please continue reading

Cat Dignity – Human Shame

What a wonderful little fella he is! I think this picture of an adorable kitten, named Justin, is brilliant but, of course, it is very sad and upsetting. However, his demeanor and proud stance seems to make things better except … please continue reading

Cardi is Dying

This is just a quick update before we take her to the vet for euthanasia. She has taken a turn for the worse. I had booked in a vet’s visit today at midday to put her to sleep because she … please continue reading

Your Cat Hospice

The intention of this page is to share a personal experience concerning cat caretaking in the hope that it might help cat owners and cats. We have just been to the veterinary clinic with Cardi, a small female tabby cat. … please continue reading

Picture Of Cardie

For non-regular visitors, Cardie is a cat that I am looking after while her very elderly female caretaker is in hospital after a fall. Cardie is very thin and small. She weighs 6 pounds (about 2.8 kgs). She has a … please continue reading

Home Treatment For Cat Arthritis

This page is about cat osteoarthritis. This is degenerative joint disease – the wearing out of the cartilage that covers the surface of the joint resulting in bone to bone contact. The bone becomes rough which damages the joint. The … please continue reading

My Kitten Got Burned

by Ariel (Ontario, Canada) i was playing with a lighter looking at the flame because i like fire and i guess my kitten did to because he jumped on the table where i had the lighter and started watching the … please continue reading

Home treatment for cat constipation

Photo: Tjflex2 A page about home treatment for cat constipation. I won’t describe the symptoms of constipation – we know them. Cats can suffer from the same problem. Some of the treatments are based on human treatments. What happens When … please continue reading

Feline Brain Tumor

Feline Brain Tumor by Michael (London, UK) Feline brain tumors are rare. Lymphosarcoma is the most common tumor of the central nervous system. The brain is part of the central nervous system. Different forms of lymphosarcoma affect different parts of … please continue reading

Feline Fibrosarcoma

Tuxedo cat (healthy but may be suffering a mild form of Feline Hyperesthesia)- see below for rights Feline Fibrosarcoma are highly malignant, highly aggressive, tumors. The word “sacrcoma” means cancer of the supportive or connective tissue. Just below the dermis … please continue reading

Feline Asthma

Feline Asthma – This cat photograph is here to decorate the page, no more. The photograph by Sebastián LS. © under a creative commons license. This condition is also called Feline Allergic Bronchitis. This disease resembles human asthma. The disease … please continue reading

Passive Smoking Affects Pets

Photo by Deathwaves This is just a reminder that passive smoking affects pets as much as it does people. I find that this is rarely discussed but it is a form of animal abuse that goes on silently, almost invisibly, … please continue reading

What happens when a cat dies?

What happens when a cat dies? It is more or less the same as when a human dies. There is either a cremation or burial. The cremation should be an individualized cremation organized by the owner. A veterinarian will organize a multiple-shared cremation. You can do what you like with the ashes. Is there an afterlife? please continue reading

Is It True That Cats Go Away to Die?

Do cats go away to die?

The question presupposes that domestic cats know when they are dying. The well-known Dr Desmond Morris (a zoologist who I completely trust) believes that cats don’t know what death is. If that’s the case they won’t know when they are … please continue reading

Do cats understand death?

Do cats understand death?

The answer will be a personal one because we can’t rely on science. I believe cats don’t understand death. They don’t fear death and are impervious to its ramifications. This is a question asked through Google search. Unsurprisingly Google fails … please continue reading

What percentage of white cats are deaf?

White cat sisters

People are interested in the prevalence of deafness in white cats. Fortunately, a useful research study tells us the information that we are looking for. The study is entitled: Aetiology, Prevalence and Diagnosis of Deafness in Dogs and Cats By … please continue reading

Do Raccoons Kill Cats?

Raccoon and cats. Are raccoons smarter than cats?

Yes, raccoons do sometimes kill domestic and feral cats. What I mean is that they sometimes kill small cat species which in this instance might mean an outside domestic cat. It doesn’t take long to realise this fact when doing … please continue reading

Paul’s Last Will and Testament


Paul was a much loved tabby cat. His caretaker/guardian was Wes, an American living in Texas. Paul recent died of kidney failure and old age; in short, natural causes. He was 26-years-of-age, a truly fantastic and a rare age for … please continue reading

Living With My Deaf Cats

By Jennifer Moore Living with a deaf cat is a very different experience than living with cats who can hear. The first thing you learn is that you obviously cannot call them by their name and expect a response. I … please continue reading

Colonel Meow has died

Colonel Meow, one of the most famous internet cats in the world, died January 29 after a brief illness. He was rescued several years ago by the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Society after being found abandoned on the side of … please continue reading

In Memory of Cassy

By Kylee This is in memory of my girl Cassy who passed away on 17/1/2014. She had problems breathing and had neurology problems. The vet said she would only last a few more days. So I made the, ever such … please continue reading

Assisted Dying for Cats and People

Cat euthanasia can be abused, while assisted dying for people is underused. Discuss. What is “assisted dying”? For me, it means a person helping another person to voluntarily die because they are terminally ill. It is a form of euthanasia. … please continue reading

The Animal Shelter Killing Room

Although very unpleasant, this is a picture that we should all see. Some PoC visitors have already seen it. “….all of you people who have ever surrendered a pet to a shelter or humane society should be made to work … please continue reading

Shelter Cat Dead Because Of A Lie

By Elisa Black-Taylor On July 25th, 2013, a beautiful 6-year-old calico named Bella (shelter ID-HCAS #1556521) was surrendered unlawfully to Hillsborough County (Florida) Animal Services by the daughter of the actual owners without their knowledge. The owner’s name is being … please continue reading

In Memory of Mischief

Introduction by Michael This page is in memory of Mischief. A visitor to the site, Claire Louise Harpham, recently made a comment about her cat Mischief. This is the comment…. Sadly yesterday our beloved cat Mischief passed away in my … please continue reading

Trash Bag Kittens

I am sort of speechless. I don’t know what to say about the people who put kittens in a trash bag, tie it up and carry it to some out of the way place or put it next to the … please continue reading

Mighty Quinn

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through. ~ Jules Verne ~ “I remember one bobcat they had in here – now bobcats are an endangered … please continue reading

Saying Goodbye

This is a tribute to my Aristotle, I loved him deeply as I do all my pets. It is also about the importance of inoculating them to protect them which I do to all my beloved 4 legged family members. … please continue reading

Wrong Leadership At RSPCA

The RSPCA relies on donations from the animal loving public. What sort of RSPCA do they want? I am sure they want an organisation that has a direct involvement in animal welfare, which means a hands-on operation that saves the … please continue reading

Jack The Cat Has Died

Rest In Peace Jack Dear readers, it is with a heavy heart that I must report Jack the Cat has died over the weekend. He has joined all of our beloved cats on the Rainbow Bridge. Here’s a statement released … please continue reading

My Deaf Cat Annabelle Had An Accident

by Elisa Black-Taylor (USA) Annabelle on pain meds Annabelle in her carrier See drawer track on left My beautiful Annabelle My deaf white cat Annabelle had an accident on Wednesday morning. It happened in the kitchen and the entire event … please continue reading

HELP! Sudden Kitten Death!

Lilo when we rescued her Day before she died R.I.P Lilo & Sugar I don’t know if I’ve titled this correctly, but I certainly need help. Let me explain what’s going on. We adopted little Lilo on June 6th. Here’s … please continue reading

Accidental Ways To Kill A Cat

Furby and Lola say practice safe laundry Furby on the washing machine Always check INSIDE the dryer Today I received an email from a friend who did the unthinkable. She killed her one year old cat. It wasn’t intentional. Her … please continue reading

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