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Healthy Happy Feral Cat Colony of over 200 Cats (over 8000 Hours of Volunteer Work) — 2 Comments

  1. The cats in the video look fine and friendly. As for cost, the time factor wasn’t mentioned: how long were the cats cared for. My own experience caring for my cats (varied from 4 to 16 cats) over 20 years in food alone topped $120,000; then add to that veterinary care and I pushed $150k. And I’ll emphasize that though I’m still in debt it’s been worth it.

    I haven’t worked a lot with feral cats, but the houseless cats I’ve worked with have been great. There’s another I’m trying to bring in who really needs it. I’ve experimented with ways of gaining their trust so as to get them in quicker, and the best way I’ve found is to lay on my back in sight of them, usually at night. I get to look at the stars and within a few minutes they, and particularly one who’s been especially difficult come up and rub all up and down my sides, let me pet and that’s it. I get up on my knees crouching forward on my elbows and we sit side by side as if litter mates. This one hasn’t been neutered yet either. Cats who seem feral may not be entirely. They may have received a little love early in life but living on the street, shunned and run off by all makes them hate life I’m sure. They just need that gesture of complete trust to come around again. It goes both ways and I bet if more people tried this way, they might see the same success I have.

    • Awesome! I’ve done that with the ferals and dumped cats in my area. Except that I don’t lay down-too many cactus spines. But I sit on a couple of bricks and talk to them. It may take a bit longer for me to gain their trust, but in the end most of them accept me. Unfortunately, there are many predators-animal, reptile and human and there are now no more cats. I have the last four-they’re deaf. They’re all characters!

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