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Hear Luka Magnotta say that someone else killed the kittens

In an interview between Alex West, a Sun journalist, and Luka Magnotta at the Fusilier Inn in London in 2011, Magnotta denied that it was him in the video killing two kittens. You can hear his voice and his denial on this page below in an audio file.

Luka Magnotta denies killing kittens in recording

That’s not me…No, people are really good with Photoshop these days aren’t they?

Play the audio file by clicking on the play button:


I have made this presumption because the interviewer, refers to two kittens. Magnotta allegedly killed two kittens in a vacuum bag and videoed it (did someone else operate the video camera?).

Another kitten was killed by a snake at a different time. Therefore, as Mr West refers to 2 kittens in his question it has to be a reference to the 2 kittens suffocated in a plastic bag. I have used the word ‘alleged’ because I don’t believe he was tried in a criminal court for the killing of these kittens. He was tried and convicted for the murder of Jun Lin. If that is true it is an overight of the judicial system in Canada where he was tried.

It is a bit odd because Magnotta says that someone photo-edited the video and that someone else killed the kittens. It is possible to image edit a video but it is much harder than editing a still photograph. I don’t think editing a video to the extent that the person in a video is altered i.e. the moving image, can be done by a non-professional or at least it requires knowledge not normally found in non-professionals. It is the sort of thing movie makers do nowadays.

I found the audio file interesting. It is rare to hear the voice of someone as notorious as Luka Magnotta. I have taken a great liberty in using this audio from the Sun online newspaper. I plead fair use in the interests of cat welfare! And the fact that copyright has been destroyed on the internet by Pinterest and Google.

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