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Heart-stopping movie of a cat falling a long way onto concrete — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, that was truly heart stopping. I do hope the cat is okay.

    I’m speculating that from the cat’s position at the beginning of the clip, that it had accidentally gone over the top of the balcony, rather than was climbing up that wall. Perhaps it was sitting on the balcony watching that black and white cat below, when it lost it’s balance and fell? It certainly look as though it’s trying to turn around to head back up towards the balcony.

    Why didn’t the idiot put down the camera so they could reach down to see if they could help the cat back up onto the balcony?

  2. I was surprised when I happen to see this while I was looking at some photos, but I don’t remember what site I was on. I just knew it wasn’t like any YouTube videos I’ve seen, and was surprised to see the cat get up and run, though he may have been injured from such a long fall. We’ll probably never know.

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