Heartwarming photo that shows a dog carrying a cat to safety is not what it seems

This heartwarming photo shows a dog and cat trying to survive the aftermath of a flood. Or is it? The photo is making the rounds again on social media since Hurricane Matthew hit the Southeastern United States, and a lot of people believe the photo is from an area devastated by the recent hurricane.

Dog carrying cat photo is actually from May 2014 Bosnia flood
Dog carrying cat photo is actually from May 2014 Bosnia flood
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The photo is actually from the May 2014 floods in Bosnia, and chances are this was a backyard pond rather than a flood-ravaged area. It turned up on Reddit, who traced it back to a site called Fanny Pictures Site, who supposedly got the photo off of a Twitter feed. This source dates the photo to May 18, 2014.

The moral is not to believe everything you see on social media is truthful and accurate. It does make for a cute photo, with this dog giving his kitty friend a ride across a pond. Chances are the owner just placed the kitten on the dogs back and snapped the photo, then came up with a good story for it.

It’s a cute photo I wanted to share with the readers here, regardless of the story behind it.


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