Heartwarming video of a 19-year-old cat being reunited with his owner 7 years after he went missing

This is the happy ending story of a 19-year-old cat who was recently reunited with his owner seven years after the cat went missing. May 30, 2012, was the last time Robert saw his cat Chebon.

cat reunited
Chebon reunited with Robert (Dodo screenshot)
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Robert had planned to move to Ohio but postponed the move a year looking for Chebon. Eventually, he got on with his life and made the move, never forgetting the cat he loved so much.

Seven years later, a cat lover named Gina found Chebon on the side of the road and checked the microchip. It went back to Robert and after a few calls were made Robert was on his way for a happy (and tearful) reunion.


The video, posted by The Dodo, has been liked 201,000 times and has 13,000 comments and 57,000 shares. During an interview with The Dodo, Robert said

“I remember once at one point I was praying and I said ‘God, I’ll do anything. I just want Chebon back.'”

This article is yet another reminder that cats ARE found years later and a microchip is their best chance at being reunited with a family who never gave up hope.

cat reunited
Robert and Chebon (Dodo screenshot)

Not only does it increase the chance of a happy reunion, but microchipping also gives a pet owner the peace of mind they’ve done everything possible, should their cat go missing and need help getting home.


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