Heaven Is Where Cats Are

By Ruth (aka Kattaddorra)

rose cottage
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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My small effort at a few lines of poetry:

Whether or not we believe in Heaven,
We can dream of how it will be,
So I’d like you all to come and take
This flight of fantasy with me

To a place where everyone is happy and healthy, where there are no selfish or cruel people and where no person or animal is abused or starving.

Let us dream of being once again with the human family we loved, who have gone before us and that all our much loved pets we have shared our lives with will be there too.

There will be no fighting between species, cats and dogs will get along, as will cats and birds and mice. In the words of the Bible ‘the lion will lie with the lamb’.

For my own personal flight of fantasy this is my idea of the Heaven I have actually dreamed about in vivid colours. Our late mother Ethel Rose welcomed me to ‘Rose Cottage’ where the sun was shining and birds were singing. Butterflies landed on the roses which grew all over and around her home. She was no longer disabled and ill and weary, she was in Paradise surrounded by the creatures she loved – cats large and small.

I know that if there is a Heaven of our own choosing, this is where she will be. She will not only have around her the cats she loved and cared for on this earth, she will also have the cats Babz and I have had and lost in our lives since she died, she will know and love them too now.

I like to imagine she also has in her care all the cats who were unwanted in their lives here, the strays, the homeless, the abused and the ferals who no one ever loved. Also the cats who have no one waiting there for them, our dear late mother will be looking after those cats too, until their own human caretakers join them.

I wanted to stay there and see inside Rose Cottage but our mother told me to come back to my life here, it isn’t time, Babz and I still have things to do on this earth before we can join her.

I’m not sure if I believe in this beautiful place, did I really catch a glimpse of how it is when we leave this life, or did my dream and my imagination conjure up the whole scenario?

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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42 thoughts on “Heaven Is Where Cats Are”

  1. My eyes are overflowing as I read this beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. I know that her favorite spot has room for two chairs because my mother, Beverly, is there also. I am sure that if God needs anyone to help with the cats in Heaven, these two lovely ladies are at the top of his list of helpers. Rest In Peace Rose and Beverly. You are greatly loved and truly missed.

    1. Thanks for commenting. It is a beautiful page. I was written by Ruth. I have clarified that by making a small amendment.

  2. She was a wonderful mother, I still miss her so much and even at my age would just love her arms around me, RIP mam, God Bless xx

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    A wonderful cat lover we are proud to call our mother and she is still loved and missed by her family and friends. Her own cats have joined her since she died.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thanks Jo, I thought you must have missed it, I hope it brings comfort to anyone who wonders who will look after their cats until they are reunited themselves with them.
      I think there will be lots of ‘Rose Cottages’ and Ethel Roses who were great cat lovers on this earth and their Heaven is caring for all the cats who need them.

  4. The ultimate dream for me that all cats are safe and well and that we can join them once the time comes. Just love those pictures. I would love to meet my past pets and ones gone before and meet up with all our poc family cats what a reunion that will be.

    1. What a reunion that would be. I still hope that one day we can all meet up on this earth and have a bit of fun together. It would be nice one-day to meet physically rather than through the Internet.

        1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

          I’ve only been abroad once when I was younger and couldn’t wait to get back home to England lol
          I’m just an armchair traveller since then.

          1. The nearest place ive been is to Australia in n.s.w. Mostly just travelled in Nzl which is so worth the look. Yea ruth i agree i dont like going too far away either. Or not for long anyway.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        I have many on-line friends and also some penpals who I have never met and probably never will, I just wonder would the reality of meeting in the flesh make a difference to friendships? I’m quite shy in real life and could feel overwhelmed.

          1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

            Yes exactly Kylee, alright in familiar places with people we know, but a big thing meeting strangers and going different places and feeling inadequate.

  5. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

    You might have really caught a glimpse of heaven, Ruth. A friend of mine saw my first husband Danny in heaven shortly after he died. She was really upset about my loss and was praying asking God why he had to die. And suddenly she just saw a vision she couldn’t even fully describe. She said there were colors she doesn’t have a name for in that place, and all these people, just multitudes, and Danny was among them, but he didn’t really look like himself, but she knew it was him and he was so happy.

    I’ve wanted to show her the picture I have of him as a young boy at his confirmation. I wonder if when she saw him he looked more like that. He was 33 when he died. I wondered for awhile why I didn’t see that vision, but I guess I didn’t need to. I already knew by faith where he was.

    His mom said he came to her in a dream shortly after his death and said that he was going to see me, and then he wouldn’t see us anymore. I did see him in a dream too. He was worried that I would be ok. So I wonder if my dream was really him, because he always said he knew I would be fine if something happened to him, and certainly beyond the bounds of death he would have known with certainty that I would be ok. So I don’t think I ever really saw him after. But again, I didn’t need to.

    1. I don’t seem to dream very much, or not of people and not much that I remember anyway but I did dream about John not so long after he died and he was dressed all in black and looked so well, he just opened his arms and held me for a while, I never forgot that dream. John was a strong believer, he had no doubts that when he died he was going to see Jesus, he’d written a poem on the subject of “In my Father’s house are many mansions” years before his death which I had read out at his funeral, John also loved cats so his “mansion”, which I think is Robin Cottage next door to my mam’s Rose Cottage will have his little soul mate Popsy, and his two cats Susie and Stella from his youth and Barnie his ginger friend.

    2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      I have a friend who says if dreams are very vivid and seem real and the details stay with you when you wake up, then you have been astral travelling and really have seen the person you were with.
      I often dream of our late mother, I meet her in various places, but I had never seen her ‘Rose Cottage’ before.

  6. Ruth I love your poster and your dream of Heaven, it brought a tear to my eye thinking of mam well and happy and surrounded by cats, peace and tranquillity. I would love this to be what is waiting for us, and who knows because nobody comes back to tell us so maybe one day we’ll be there as well in a row of cottages, mine will be Robin Cottage and John will put the kettle on for tea while I pop round to mam’s cottage next door and to yours the other side to invite you both to afternoon tea with Eccles cakes for mam as she loved them so much, apple turnovers for John and fresh cream for all the cats. I wish I could dream about this wonderful place.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thanks Babz, I love the image of ‘Robin Cottage’ and John and Popsy waiting there for you and the row of cottages we will be in eternally, mine will of course be ‘Kattaddorra Kottage’
      Maybe if we don’t meet our PoC family on this earth we will meet them all there.

      1. Popsy will be there with her dad, and maybe Felix unless he already settled at Rose Cottage, I can only write a little bit at a time though because I want to cry for want of them all, so many cats loved in a lifetime.

  7. A beautiful poster and fantasy, R.
    What a reunion I would have!
    I hope, for everyone, that they get the afterlife they want and dream of.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thank you Dee, yes I hope too that everyone gets the afterlife they choose, lovely people like you, surely deserve to.

  8. Ruth, this is a delight of an image that you have created. And you have made me think about my lost cats but in a nice way. I would like more than anything else to meet them again. It would fill my heart with joy. Sometimes we do not know how much we miss our cats. We put their loss in a drawer in our brain and close the drawer. But that boxed and put away memory seems to occupy a bit of our brain and in doing so it takes a bit of us away from us and we can never get it back until we meet them again as your article suggests that we might.

    Thanks for the article, Ruth and that lovely poster which brightens up our website.

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      Thank you Michael, I really enjoyed designing this poster, it’s nice to take a trip in dreams and imagination, away from the harsh daily reality of our world. It doesn’t bear thinking about that we will never see our loved ones again, human or animal, so there is no harm in hoping that we will all be together again one day.

    2. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

      I think all of our losses are that way, Michael. We put them away somewhere and don’t even realize how much we miss them. We are constantly facing loss in this life, loss of our youth, loss of friends we used to know, loss even of places we lived and things we used to like to do. Then of course there are the big ones– close friends and family and companion animals. If we could suddenly have all that we have lost restored to us we would weep uncontrollably, even though it seems now that we are dealing with all our losses just fine.

      I believe that I will receive back all I have lost in this life and more through Jesus, who in the words of the hymn writer, “can repay, from His own fullness, all He takes away.”

      I think it is a shame that somehow Christianity came to accept the idea that animals don’t have souls. It’s not a Biblical idea. It’s a doctrine of demons, if you ask me.

      Solomon clearly says animals have souls as he wonders where the souls of animals go and is it the same place as those of humans? Well, why wonder it at all if animals don’t have souls? They have innocent souls, yet they suffer our punishment along with us here on earth. They will certainly be rewarded beyond anything we can imagine, because God is good and just. What He has prepared for those who love Him is beyond description. Do animals not love their Creator? I believe they do.

      There will be purring in heaven. A great chorus of it. As loud as Monty purrs for Jeff, he will certainly purr his little heart out ten times louder for Jesus.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Have you read this Ruth? You saying Monty would purr his heart out for Jesus made me remember it.
        There is a book called “The Gospel of the Holy Twelve” said to be a translation of an early Christian document found in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet. One legend in it seems to be among those things left out of the Bible when they ought to have been put in, for they bring before us the mind of Jesus Christ much more clearly than some other recordings by the disciples.

        “As Jesus entered a certain village, He saw a young cat which had none to care for her, and she was hungry and cried unto Him, and He took her up, and put her inside His garment, and she lay in His bosom. And when He came into the village He set food and drink before the cat, and she ate and drank, and showed thanks unto Him. And He gave her unto one of His disciples, who was a widow, whose name was Lorenza, and she took care of her. And some of the people said, “This man careth for all creatures. Are they His brothers and sisters that He should love them?” And He said unto them, “Verily, these are your fellow creatures, of the great Household of God; yea they are brothers and sisters, having the same breath of life in the Eternal. And whosoever careth for one of the least of these, and giveth it to eat and drink in it’s need the same doeth it unto me; and whosoever willingly suffereth one of these creatures to be in want, and defendeth it not when evilly treated, suffereth the evil as done unto me.”

        1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

          I have read that one before, Ruth. You showed it to me. It’s a beautiful story.

          Cats are in the Bible– Jesus is the Lion of Judah. We just watched the movie “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.” Aslan, the lion, is a Christ figure.

    1. Marc, is this an example of your artwork? In any case, it is beautiful as is the artwork of Ruth. I think the colours of these images really add to the website and I love them for that.

    2. Marc this is lovely,did you design it yourself? What a wonderful dream and hope that this will come to us all one day.

      1. No, the two pics are both lovely, they are in different styles and neither is better than the other, your is a classic idyllic scene, Marc’s is almost psychedelic, similar to The Beatles type of artwork. I think you’re both clever, you both have talent but use it in different ways.

        1. yea i love them both great to see such artistic amongst us cat lovers. It must be true if i remember a past article about cat people being creative people im sure its soo true just by seeing these. 🙂

  9. Ruth what a beautiful perfect concept 🙂 Certainly my idea of heaven. And my idea of a perfect hell is where all animal abusers would spend all damnation!! I would like to type more but MC Oz is sprawled across my laptop so difficult is an understatement!!! maybe later but just to say love the article 🙂

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