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Heavier senior feral cats have first pickings — 6 Comments

  1. Very good article

    Thank you Michael

    What I have observed in Feral Cats…. The kittens are not given priority actually.

    The main reason is that the MALES & FEMALES (both), but not their feeding mothers, they hesitate/ hate/ dislike the smell/look of the kittens. They hiss on them and when any kitten hiss them, they just run away or kill the kitten.

    These are original Feral cats behavior. The mom cat does not allow the kitten to rush towards a combine food until it is secure and she always protect them and if any male touch the kitten, that means straight away a war between the mom and male.

    But it is true that territory and area is most important for the study of such cat behaviors.

    perfect but many things not covered and just assumed by researchers. 🙂

  2. I agree with nearly everything except some things that involve domesticated strays.

    In my world, there have been some strays that hang out with a colony. Generally, they are “backgrounders” and not really members. They are last in the feeding order, regardless of sex. They, generally, are passive. A threatening stray would be chased off.

    There are times that I have had to stay with a colony to make sure there is enough food left over for any strays.

  3. Very interesting Michael, especially that kittens were given priority by both male and female adult cats, just like the human race really, most people put children first.

  4. This information debunking the myth that cats decimate bird population should be thrown in the faces of those bent Smithsonian researchers.

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