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Hello my name is Julianne. I am a Anderson based house and petsitter that wants to help your family — 25 Comments

  1. We need a national pet registry and judges that are willing to list someone so that no one in a home these people occupy can own a pet or engage in breeding or any pet services.
    Animal abusers are almost without exception serial animal abusers. Very seldom do we see any of them banned from owning pets.

    • Carol if you go to the Google Search box on this page and put in Julianne Westberry it should all come up. Or click on the Pinterest link above. I’ve done 21 articles on JW. There were little feet on the floor or her home with no cat attached. Cats had eaten other cats.

        • They didn’t even charge her with taking funds and SLED investigated her. I think it all ended up in her plea deal. Unless a civil suit is filed she got away with taking pledges.

          • What is SLED? I must have missed it. Well, I hope somebody brings some kind of a suit against her, even in small claims court. If everyone did that, they could bleed her dry. This is so frustrating. A broken arm or two might speak louder than a lawsuit.

  2. And to all those out there who are messaging me asking if I didn’t realize JW is an animal abuser. I have a nasty cat troll who would love to see me threaten JW in any way. So I did the opposite. I simply gave her some free advertising and let the comments carry the article.

    I get it. Outside of the SC/NC area no one kept up by reading the 21 previous articles I’ve done about her abuse. https://www.pinterest.com/elisablacktaylor/julianne-westberry/

  3. Reputable services do a criminal background check. If they don’t then the person hiring a sitter can ask for a local background check report. I worked for a lady once who required new hires to bring in a report from the county showing they had a clean record.

  4. Can these comments be posted on the Petsitter ad? She won’t see them here, nor will innocent people hiring her. Her murderous past must be constantly in the news in the area. Her name needs to be pulled through the mud. She should be in jail, never showing her face again. Certainly never working with animals again. The judicial system blew this one big time

  5. Please do NOT hire that lady! She literally murdered hundreds of cats and kittens she was supposed to care for. She is NOT supposed to even be near an animal.

  6. Hasn’t this woman done enough!!! Anyone even considering allowing this person to help care for any living thing can contact any number of people in Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville and/or Spartanburg Counties or any number of surrounding counties and we will all be happy to provide you all the documents, articles, reports for all the proof you need on why you should not let this woman within even breathing distance of your fur babies! This woman is dangerous and extremely mentally unstable to care for anyone who can not defend themselves.

  7. I literally began having tremors when I saw this! I see the little faces of those that you tortured. I have pictures of them. Do you want to see them again to remind yourself what kind of torture you inflicted on babies? Little babies!! Trying to nurse on a dead mama! OMG, how about you tell me where you are! Do you want to see the pictures of the one that is missing an eye now? I can send you the pictures because I will keep them forever until the day I die to remind myself that satan has his helpers walking on this earth. A demon who can watch something beg for its’life and is shown no mercy. The law should have made sure that you NEVER came into the presence of another animal in this life.

  8. I beg your friggin pardon, Julianne. You are the epitome of a heartless, sociopathic (maybe psychopathic) monster. If I could stand to do so, I would post the links to the photos of all the cats you killed, the hundreds of cats you took money for and then let starve in their carriers or threw out to fend for themselves or allowed to stay alone in a locked up house until they died and rotted on the floors. I only met you once or twice but let me tell you that I will never forget your face, just like I will never forget the face of the little baby looking over her mama’s side, hopeful and precious and alive, until you got her and the pledges that came with her. I will never forget reading the posts by the young people who were cleaning up the offal in that house and that was in response to my defense of you; having met you, and seen that you “worked at” and had full access to ACHS and had adoption space at the PetCo/PetSense of whatever, I just knew that you were righteous. And I was so so wrong. You are a god damned demon. Fuck you, Julianne. I hope that when you pass from this realm you spend eternity scraping and rescraping the bodies of the cats you killed off an infinite floor.

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