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Help me out please. Is making a plush toy of a disabled celebrity cat in bad taste? — 2 Comments

  1. I think that I know the cat you are referring to.
    I don’t, especially, find a plush toy in her image as much distasteful as comics highlighting her struggles.
    Jackson is self-serving, money hungry, and too full of himself for my tastes.
    And, yes, it is always wrong to commercialize any animal.

  2. I admire Galaxy each time I cats My Cat From Hell and he doesn’t just pick up the nearest bric-a-brac and brain the owners for being stupid. As in your cat has no toys. No tree. No scratching post and the litter box is worse than a land fill.

    As to the plush toy I know what cat you are speaking of. So the distinction is does it raise awareness that not every pet has to be perfect or has the cat/dog/even child simply become a vehicle to make money. Where do the proceeds go. Is there a portion for charity.
    Please check out he FB page Jenny The Blind Cat. It is a genuine site showing a blind cat living a normal life. In fact an extraordinary life. And that’s all these folks want you to know.
    All that said they can’t profit if you don’t buy it.

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