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Help needed in massive rescue underway to trap 16 cats dumped by ‘cat rescuer’ in NC — 8 Comments

  1. If I was there I’d definitely help! Hopefully this waste of space is charged and the so called “rescuer” is too! She also should be flagged to never be able to rescue ever again! Since animal cruelty is illegal in all 50 states there should be some charges she should face as it was her responsibility to care for these cats!! And to the mom of this scum protecting her POS, maybe if you had raised him better he wouldn’t be such a dirtbag! Obviously he’s the way he is because you have always defended all the bad $h!t he has done!! Keep making excuses for the scumbag you’ve birthed and raised! The first comment she said was wrong or whatever but really what I have to say is she should have swallowed! He doesn’t deserve to be walking among the rest of us, breathing the same air, after treating animals the way he does!! He’s a serial killer in the making!

  2. Thank you to all for your efforts in finding these innocent babies! My heart breaks for them— I wish I was closer to help – will donate for rescue though! I remember the fire that she had last year but I do also remember of her and her father dumping cats before that !! Thank you Elise for the article … praying —

    • So would I. But at least we can share this and people may recognize the cats or they may be able to go join the search.

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