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Help please – I found a Bengal cat outside — 8 Comments

  1. My bengal went missing December 17, 2014. Neutered male. Almost 2yrs old. Requires special food & medication. He’s never been outside before. Lost from Parsonsburg Maryland. He is brown & black spotted. He’s due for shots as well.

  2. HELP PLEASE! I have lost my Bengal cat. He got out on November 20, 2012 in Los Gatos, CA. He is 10 years old, neutered and chipped. I am worried sick about him and miss him! Please help bring him back. If you know of anything, please let me know. I am offering an award for his safe return. Thank you!

    • Sorry to hear about this. Good luck. I read somewhere that most cats who wander from home are within about 500 yards of their home. He is probably not too far away. I hope he has not been stolen.

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