Help please – I found a Bengal cat outside

Help please – I found a Bengal cat outside

by Patricia
(Greenfield, WI.)

Hi, I am confused as to what to do with a beautiful brown spotted tabby Bengal cat that I found outside, when my friend was leaving and I caught him.

I have a silver spotted tabby Bengal cat so as soon as I saw this male running loose, I assumed he ran out of someone’s house.

I put him in my bathroom and gave him fresh water and food. He was very friendly once he got in the bathroom. He was rubbing on me, licking me and purring. I think he was just glad to be inside, because I doubt anyone would just let him run wild.

I love the way when a Bengal gets happy their middle streak on their back goes up. I’ve never seen it in any cats, but my male Banjo does it, and so does this one.

He is comfortable now, quiet and sleeping. Breaks my heart to think how afraid he must have been outside alone.

I have 3 cats here, myself, and of course they were by the bathroom door upsetting him, until I put a towel down by the door.

I will not let him go to the Humane Society. I want to reunite him with his human caretakers but would like to know how do I address that I found him in the advert, without people just claiming they are the owners?

Should I put, “Cat Found With Spots” and see who answers the advert?

I’m not sure how to address the ad and what information to put in it? Please help me, because I want to reunite this beautiful male to his owners.


Help please – I found a Bengal cat outside to Bengal cats

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Help please – I found a Bengal cat outside

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Jan 04, 2012 Bengal cat lost
by: Emma

Hi everyone I have lost my Bengal cat and wondered if he could ever be found he is chipped and his name is gizmo age 4…he cries like a baby and is very friendly he went missing 17august 2011 from tenbury wells area I have him registered on animal search uk he has a beautiful coat just like a leopard and we are offering a reward for his return home…fingers crossed someone will read this..

Jul 15, 2010 lost bengal 3 yr old male
by: jesse

i just lost a male bengal in the southside of edmonton alberta on fridaay the 9th it is now the 14th and im really worried someone stole himhe is chipped though so i hope we reunite soon, if found please call 1 780 729 5007

Jun 19, 2010 I found a Bengal cat
by: Teddy

Just read the rest, hadn’t realised you found the owners. It is amazing how people in other cuntries love cats. Around here running out of the house is a death sentence to the cat since domestic cats do not fear people/strangers, these in turn kill them coz they’ve allowed them to get close.

Would love to see pictures of the other cats too.


Jun 19, 2010 I found a Bengal cat
by: Teddy

That is really nice of u to take care of it. Since it is friendly i must be lost. pliz update us when u find the owner.

Jun 19, 2010 Great news
by: Dorothy

Thanks for sharing,and good going on your part. We can only hope for the best. You certainly did you best and even more.

We’d love to see your three cats in a picture! I hope you come back and share your cat stories with us again.


Jun 19, 2010 I found a Bengal cat ourside.
by: Anonymous

I did find the owner’s of the male bengal I found outside last night. I got home from taking him to my vet to see if he had a micro chip anywhere and he didn’t.
My daughter said she thought she had seen a bengal cat,of new neighbor’s that just moved in. When she went to inquire a young girl about 8 said it was her cat Gizmo. I told her that her Mother had to come and talk to me, and that I would not let her take him. She came back with whoever was baby sitting her, because her Mother was at work.
I brought her in and took her into my bathroom, where I had his food, water and litter pan. She told me she wasn’t the one who let’s him out, and that when people come over he runs out the door. So, I explained to her she needs to teach him what “treat” meant and that I would give her some for him. That way if he ran out, she could catch him by telling him she would give him a treat. When she said “treat” in the house, and he came to her to give him one. But, only if he listened to her. She promised me she would try and teach him that, and I told her to pinky swear to me when she ran out of treats she would come here and I would give her more to help train him.
Her Mother came to my door, after she got home from work. She was very nice and told me she tries to not allow him out, but he runs out as soon as the door opens. Her daughter was there, and I told her Mom what we had pinky swore on. That she will teach him what “treat” meant in hopes of catching him when he does run out. They also had his sister because a friend breeds them.
Her Mom said if he runs out, the next morning he comes back. He has no collar, or id so I told her if someone else finds him they might just keep him. No sooner did they get back in the house, and the young girl came outside and he ran outside again. She did however have the bag of treats and he went to her so she could give him some. I know before too long he’ll be back out on the road again roaming around.
I don’t know what the laws are here in Wisconsin for cats running free, without any identification but this cat I feel should be better protected. No doubt he will come here possibly because I took him in, and they have great memories. I’m not sure other than give her the advice I did to help her situation, but I don’t approve of it at all. If a person is not going to be responsible owning any animal, they should not have one.
Needless to say, I was hoping it would turn out much better than what it did. If it had been his first time outside, a mistake as opposed to finding out he does this all the time, it wouldn’t bother me.
I want to thank everyone who gave me such wonderful advice.

Jun 18, 2010 Found Bengal Cat
by: Dorothy

Hi Patricia, also…I suggest you call the local humane society as they would know if someone is looking for the cat. Do NOT take the cat there, just get the information. I know our local shelter is set up to re-unite pets with their families via telephone only. They prefer not to have the animals brought in if at all possible. I’m not sure how it works in your state, but it is worth a shot. The owners may be searching – but then again, they may not be. I have my wonderful cat Bigfoot, who was left to wander on his own by someone. I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to give him up. I love him so much…but with hard times as they are, some people have to move with short notice and are left with hard decisions. One I would personally NEVER make, but some folks do. Good luck. I hope he gets home, and if not, I hope you keep him with you. You sound like a very caring pet owner.

Good luck. Do report back to us so we know! and…we would love a picture!


Jun 18, 2010 I found a Bengal cat ourside.
by: Pat

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the great advice and tips on where to place more ad’s about him. With his personality being so friendly, he is not a cat that was dumped I doubt. Somehow he must have gotten out the door. I’ll bet the owners are heartbroken, as I would be if my bengal got out. Excellent suggestions from this site, and I will do everything possible to find his owners. As beautiful and with his personality I would love to keep him, but it’s not fair to him or whoever is no doubt searching all over for him. Have a great week-end! :o)

Jun 18, 2010 list as found in newspaper
by: Susan

Our network has a lost/found registry and we recommend putting up FOUND Signs that simply say “FOUND MALE CAT” with the date and your phone number. Have the caller describe the cat to a tee, have them email you pictures, and/or their vet records to prove it is their pet.
Found ads are usually FREE in newspapers. Call your local humane shelter and fill out a Found Report over the phone in case the family calls them looking for their lost pet. Also, let the police know, local shelters/rescues, pet stores, & vet offices, that you have found the cat.
There are a thousand scenarios as to how & why a cat is out wandering – could have escaped or been dropped off miles away by a angry neighbor. We have heartbroken families still searching for their lost pets years later. Our motto is “THINK LOST, NOT STRAY” and we are so thrilled to hear you are trying to find this animals family and not assuming he is a stray – wish their were more folks like you in this world.
p.s. if you can’t reunite him and keep him yourself, please, please, please do not declaw this animal!

Jun 18, 2010 I found a Bengal cat ourside.
by: Anonymous

Hi Michael,

You are 100% right. Even if I did name the breed the person would have to identify color, markings and etc. This male cat was obviously someone’s pet because he rubs on me, purrs, licks me, spreads his paws in and out (I call it the Ma Ma) because that is how they suckle from their Mother. I even went in and laid down on the bathroom floor with him, because he is crying and doesn’t like being in the bathroom. He was very comfortable with my using him as a pillow, so he must sleep with someone all the time. I’m doing what I can to calm him so he doesn’t cry loud, because we all know Bengal’s can be very loud. At least when I leave the bathroom it reassure’s him, and he sleeps for awhile. I called my Vet. and they said to bring him in, and they will check for a micro-chip for free. Again, thank you Michael for the excellent information. I appreciate it very much.

Have a great day!

Jun 18, 2010 How to
by: Michael

Thanks Patricia for visiting and asking what I find to be a difficult question to answer well. I can see the problem.

I am not sure where you plan to put the advert. Also I would have thought that the person who kept this cat would be searching for him and would not be that far away. His most likely home is one of your neighbours but cats can travel decent distances to he may be far from home, although less likely.

If he is far from home a notice on trees for example would not be effective.

As he is a purebred Bengal cat I think that you have to say that in the advert. But I am not sure.

As to reuniting him with his true owner, one thought is to seek some evidence that they “own” the cat if and when people respond to the advert. Frequently people will have some form of evidence of ownership – photos and or in this instance certificates of pure breeding.

My conclusion (
for what it is worth):
Post notices on trees (if there are any!) or boards, shops etc. locally and say:

[Put date] I have found a brown spotted Bengal cat at [put address or location]. Could the owner please call me on [put telephone number]?

When and if they call question them as to ownership. Male or female? Markings etc.

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8 thoughts on “Help please – I found a Bengal cat outside”

  1. My bengal went missing December 17, 2014. Neutered male. Almost 2yrs old. Requires special food & medication. He’s never been outside before. Lost from Parsonsburg Maryland. He is brown & black spotted. He’s due for shots as well.

  2. HELP PLEASE! I have lost my Bengal cat. He got out on November 20, 2012 in Los Gatos, CA. He is 10 years old, neutered and chipped. I am worried sick about him and miss him! Please help bring him back. If you know of anything, please let me know. I am offering an award for his safe return. Thank you!

    • Sorry to hear about this. Good luck. I read somewhere that most cats who wander from home are within about 500 yards of their home. He is probably not too far away. I hope he has not been stolen.


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