Help please, my cat keeps hiding my clothes!

Help please, my cat keeps hiding my clothes!

by Caitie

Savannah cat MAGIC rubbing against a towel - photo added by Michael - still from video.

Savannah cat MAGIC rubbing against a towel - photo added by Michael - still from video.

My cat likes to carry around certain fabrics in his mouth, I don't know why but he used to carry around a fuzzy beanie and sweat shirts.

I left my clothes in the basement and two similar shirts have disappeared!

And I know my cat has something to do with this, does any one know why this is happening and where I might be able to find my clothes?


Hi Caitie.. Thanks for visiting and asking. For me this is an extension of scent exchange.

Cats rub against us (head butt) to exchange scent. This makes them feel more secure as it makes their surroundings more familiar. Head butting is a throwback to kitten-hood when the kitten exchanges scent with its mother. We are the cat's mother.

Taking clothes and placing them somewhere is probably an extension of this. Your clothes smell of you. Your cat takes them to make the area where he or she puts them feel more familiar, more friendly and safer.

This is a compliment so please accept it and be pleased.

Let him do it as it is natural to your cat. If you are to do anything I would be even more friendly with your cat. Spend time with him and groom him. In other words do what cats like to make their world feel more secure: gentle talk, stroking (a licking substitute) and as I said grooming (using a special grooming brush).

All these should make your cat feel more secure and it may stop the clothes being taken, which might be an expression of insecurity.

As to where the clothes are; I am sure you can find them but it will probably be an out of the way place, a kind of den. As I said I sense that your cat is insecure. Please make him more secure and see what happens.

In this video you can see an F1 Savannah playing with a towel a piece of human material. You can also see two massive head butts. The still photo above is from the video.

Take care


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Help please, my cat keeps hiding my clothes!

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Aug 23, 2010
cats hiding things
by: kathy

We have a savannah and she too loves to hide anything that she can carry under anything. She will hide socks to the best of her ability. She also hides all her toys and most of them have disappeared into kitty space never to be found again. She also tries to bury all the cat food dishes so we have had to buy rug mats instead of the tyopical rag type rugs or she will carry them over to the cat bowls and cover them with the rugs.

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