HELP!! usually healthy cat is vomiting regularly!

HELP!! usually healthy cat is vomiting regularly!

by Kaylah
(Mansfield, Pa)

About a week ago, I woke up to regurgitated cat food on my floor. I noticed about 2 days ago that my cat, who is otherwise very healthy and never had any problems besides once having fleas, was coughing/hacking…like she was trying to cough up a loogie (sounds disgusting but it’s what it sounds like).

It’s the sound you would make if you were like being choked or something. Then, tonight I heard this yowling sound which I first thought was my son but since it wasn’t a word, I came out and saw my cat like dry heaving…so I picked her up and put her on the wood floor and she threw up clear liquidy frothy stuff. Kind of like bile, but clear.

She is still coughing and hacking…I have NEVER seen a hairball once come out of her or found one anywhere so I’m afraid it’s not that.

She recently stayed with my in-laws and they found puke a few times but w/ 3 cats and a dog, we didn’t know who the culprit was. So I’m pretty sure it was her, and that would mean it has been going on for about 2 1/2 weeks now.

Someone help! My son LOVES this kitty and holds her all the time (he is 2 1/2). Could she have a serious issue?? And can this be spread to humans??


Hi Kaylah… thanks for visiting and asking. I am sorry to hear that your cat is sick.

The vomiting is repeated and the vomit a frothy clear liquid. It has been going on for sometime.

All this points to the fact that this is not just a cat doing their usual vomiting because of hairballs or because they have eaten some grass or some food that disagrees with them.

Cats are good at vomiting. We almost get used to it and lots of it is OK and routine, normal. But this is not case in this instance, in my opinion.

The signs may indicate infectious enteritis (Feline Distemper) but it could be many things. Vomiting is the symptom of many illnesses or for example an intestinal obstruction.

If it goes on like this (it is persistent and severe) it could be serious. The vets say this.

The disease (if she has one) is not zoonotic in my opinion, meaning transferable to humans.

Conclusion: you gotta see a vet I am afraid. And I know people don’t like doing that because of the cost and the trauma of the whole thing. But I know that Ruth, a retired British vet tech, who is a regular visitor to this site would agree with me.

Best of luck to you both.

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HELP!! usually healthy cat is vomiting regularly! to Cat Vomiting

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HELP!! usually healthy cat is vomiting regularly!

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Jul 23, 2010
You must see a vet
by: Ruth

Yes I agree with Michael and Tracey, you do need to get your cat to a vet and soon.
Believe me the treatment will cost a lot more the longer you leave it as your cat will take longer to recover IF she does recover.
It could be a hairball that’s so packed solid she can’t shift it by coughing and vomiting.
If it is it will block her insides totally.
There is no way of knowing what is wrong without seeing a vet and I very much doubt it’s anything which could affect your son.But it would be best for the cat’s sake if he doesn’t hold her at present.She needs to be kept warm and quiet and to see a vet urgently.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 23, 2010
Your cat needs to see the vet
by: Barbara

I wouldn’t be messing about after all this time, I’d be taking my cat to the vet asap, you wouldn’t hang about if it was your child so please do go to the vet

Barbara avatar

Jul 23, 2010
by: Tracey (England)

I would agree

She needs to see a vet. Thats the price you pay when you take on board a pet. They rely on you to look after them and do the right thing for them which is often costly.

You say your son loves her which is lovely but you haven’t mentioned if YOU or the rest of the family love her. Your son is only two and a half so he can’t be responsible; sorry its payback time I’m afraid, for all the love she’s given your son.

Hope she picks up; please let us know.

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