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Helping Cats in Cold Weather — 3 Comments

  1. This great advice & very good links to resources too. The message can’t be stressed enough, that we should help cats in need who have no home or shelter.

    I keep two off ground, insulated, wooden, straw filled shelters going all year around, at the side of our home. Both away from prying eyes, vandals & roaming dogs.

    I keep a large, semi clear ‘rubbermaid’ box, with entrance cut out, for feeding, going all year too. A large water bowl with a ping pong ball in, to inhibit freezing and out of the sun next to the feeding box (to avoid algae formation) is essential too. The box is semi clear so I can peek out the curtains and ID any entire feral Toms or Queens or strays that need some TNR or indoor care/rehome type love.

    We built the shelters from wood, plyboard, roof felt and wood blocks left over from other projects. The padded, silver insulation cost little, the straw was free. The exteriors are painted with weather resistant, supposedly ‘non toxic/enviro’frendly’ paint left over from painting the garden shed.

    • Thanks Jane for the good comment and the efforts you make for outdoor cats as you said. Good points about shelter location. Cats also prefer not to be on display. Half the reason they seek shelter is to hide in the first place.

  2. Thanks for this Albert. It is a particular time when are thoughts should be for the many feral cats trying to survive in brutally cold conditions in the north of N. America. It looks awful for people but at least they can go inside.

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