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Hemp oil: Debate over whether the oil is legal to purchase for pets in Ohio — 2 Comments

  1. This statement is beyond belief – “Dr. Brian Taylor of Health Pets of Hilliard Rome is opposed to hemp oil use in pets and says his clinic staff are NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to DISCUSS this.”

    REALLY? I wonder what will happen if he or his staff DISCUSS this. I thought we have freedom of speech in this country, and that includes Ohio.

    Why can’t he just be honest, and say he doesn’t want to discuss it, and has forbidden his staff to?

    This is pure paranoia! Another possibility is that CBD isn’t as expensive as the drugs he’s more than willing to prescribe.

  2. As most of us know, CBD products (for animals and humans) can be purchased online. You don’t need to get them from a vet. I don’t think that most vets would recommend it, because they don’t understand it. There’s a lot of helpful natural products not recommended by vets. D-Mannose is one that can help prevent UTI in cats. This can be critical for males, since they can get deadly UTI before the symptoms are seen. I highly recommend giving this in every meal. It’s tasteless to cats because it’s sweet.

    There’s plenty of information online, but we have to be willing to do the research. Most people don’t have the time or inclination; they just want someone else (an authority figure, like a vet or MD) to make the decision for them. So, that means taking someone else’s uneducated “opinion” on something that could be very helpful for your pet.

    I’m in California, so it’s easy to get at most pet stores. The last CBD product I bought was a brand called “Treatibles”. It was a tincture, used with a dropper. I’ve also used a small amount of Cannabutter, and THC tincture for my cat. They all seemed to help a little, but I didn’t realize that she was hyper-thyroid, and needed Methimazole.

    CBD will not harm your animal. Even THC will not harm them, but if they ingest too much, they’ll probably just go to sleep. Most of us know that chocolate is toxic for pets. So, it’s the chocolate that makes pets sick, not the Cannabutter that they’re made with. Some people are very lax about leaving their chocolate (canna) treats around, and pets get a hold of them.

    Anyone who ingests too large amount of “edibles” can get very sick. I’ve done it, even though I know better. The big problem with edibles for humans is that they’re usually candy or cookies. We’re not used to eating only a bit of a cookie or candy, so we eat the whole thing…and get sick.

    That’s why I prefer “micro-dosing”, which means eating an edible that may only be the size of an M&M (5-10grams).

    For anyone wanting to try CBD for their cat or dog, I’d recommend an online search for CBD products for pets. I can’t recommend any websites on POC.

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