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Hepatic Amyloidosis in Siamese & Oriental Cats — 8 Comments

  1. Facing a terrible overnight wait until I can see my vet,terrified my beautiful 8 month old white Siamese has this.Whilst not seeming Ill,he has not eaten properly all weekend and has been lethargic,just a couple of days later he has massive weight loss ,his ears and face look yellow and he will not eat or drink at all. Seeing my vet in a couple of hours,praying it’s something else,not only for my kitten but For my 2,other Siamese boys aged 2 & 3 ,who although from a different breeder it turns out are related to my kitten.

    • OMG I hope he is okay but the yellowness is a bad sign. If you have time and feel in the mood please come back and tell us how it worked out. Good luck to you both.

      • Was not my usual vet,thinks FIP and tests being carried out now,my fears over Amyloidosis pretty much ignored,I’ve paid extra for blood count to be done to ease my mind,will update but you’re right,yellow is a bad sign and we are not hopeful,really appreciate the support Michael,thank you.

          • Please tell me what happened to your baby….I just lost the love of my life 8 days ago. His symptoms were very similar. The vet thought Simon had FIP too and told me it was fatal. Devastated, I brought him home to die, wasting 3 precious days until I got a second opinion from his former surgeon who was out of town.
            He did not agree and recommended we start driving 5 hours to see the closest ER vet and internist. He was not eating or drinking, jaundice, lethargic, isolating….and severely anemic.
            He received a transfusion of DOG blood! Simon was type B blood(Siamese are almost always type A), it was unavailable in Canada and needed to be flown in from the states. Our vet knew of success in other countries using canine blood and it gave him 3 extra days, buying time until the type B arrived.
            He was FIV and FLV negative. He was in critical care for four days. It was horrible. He developed fluid around his lungs which was drained. He tested negative for parasites. He had hemolytic anemia, very low white blood cell count,and a heart murmur.
            The night before the blood arrived we visited him around 1130 pm. He looked better, less jaundice. He was more alert, he acknowledged me with his silent meow. Dragged himself to the litter to pee.
            I cuddled and kissed him, had a long visit. Told him to hang on, told him how much I loved him and Thank You for loving me. I left feeling so hopeful and happy.
            The vet called 15 minutes after I left saying Simon’s heart rate and BP had dropped he was unresponsive. I immediately returned, I am a RN and I saw he was actively dying.
            He would not make it Til morning. He had fought hard and suffered more than enough, I had spent eight grand trying to save him….and I had to say goodbye.
            This is the most painful experience of my life. I wish I knew what happened. I blame myself.
            I wish I knew why he died.

            • Thanks for commenting Kerry. I think your comment is directed at another person. So sorry to hear about your cat’s passing.

  2. Lost two Flame Point Siamese to this horrible diseases. Was never diagnosed, but I am sure this was what we were dealing with.unfortunately I like this breed gor their beautiful coloring but for the personality .first I lost sammerjoe in 2001, for three years, poor ols boydied in my arms at 161/2 years old.next I got honeybear he eventualky started just like sammers vomiting and losing weight.last3d about three years until he to passed away one 3vening last year.he was 121/2.i just disvovered thid disease.now im getting honeybears sister mochi tested for this, I hope that she will be fine, as she is female, seems most people talk about losing their male cats.maybe it onky affects males.she is healthy and robust at age 14.honeybears nickname 2as hurler or hurley for good reason vomited all over the place, constantly cleaning up after him, poor fellow could never keep food down.miss my boys.

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