Her cat saved her from depression after she lost six family members in 4 months

She’s a dog person, or was. She’s been comprehensively converted to cats and it’s because of a sweet looking stray who waited for her at her home over three months before she decided to adopt him.

Cat saved her from depression
Photo: Mike Pinches for the Guardian Newspaper
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When Nicola Hamblett returned home from work Awol would follow her car. When she got out he’d roll over from a tummy tickle. When Nicola shut her front door behind her Awol would stare up at her from outside the home, meowing for ages, asking to be let in. She had no intention of adopting a cat but what can you do when a cat wants so badly to be adopted?

In March 2017 she took him in. Nicola had never looked after a cat before. She learned about cat routines such as being woken at 3am. She had him microchipped and flea-treated.

Then Nicola experienced a traumatic phase in her life when she lost six family members in the space of four months. Her grandmother passed away the night after she visited her in hospital having fallen at home. Then her other grandmother passed away shortly after her grandmother’s brother. Nicola went to three funerals in a week.

Nicola became stressed and depressed to the extent her hair started to fall out. She couldn’t work.

Enter stage left: Awol. His presence encouraged her to get out of bed in the morning. He’d lie beside her purring and touch her with his paw. Four months later Nicola was back up on her feet and ready to work.

And as usual Awol was always waiting for her at the window when she returned home, greeting her as she walked in the door. She says he is her guardian angel.

He hair has grown back and Awol has been nominated for the Cats Protection National Cat Awards under the most caring cats category. He beat hundreds of rivals.

She says that Awol gives her a reason to get up and cope with life’s vicissitudes. We, the cat lovers of the world, can related to that. When I’m a bit down and my cat comes to me for a cuddle in bed, I stop everything and talk to him. I stroke the back of his head and he looks at me. He touches me with his paw. I am calm. His presence is balm to emotional distress.

My cat comforting me

Source: The Guardian

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