Here’s my 3-4 month old ultra Persian

by Richard
(Keyport NJ USA)

My littel Magpie, my bird

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My littel Magpie, my bird

My littel Magpie, my bird

Here's my 3-4 month old ultra Persian.

Her nose is a bit long, her eyes a bit small and she has a slight occlusion (misalignment of jaws) therefore she can't be shown.

While I love her a lot- I don't think I'll ever have another ultra Persian. The maintenance is too extreme.

Surprisingly her coat is really easy to keep clean and knot free (regular bathing is the trick) - but the eye care is very burdensome and - because of her flat face - eating is a real chore for her and she needs supervision to make sure she eats enough.


Hi Richard.. thanks for popping by and sharing. And thanks too for mentioning the "inbuilt" health problems that go with the ultra Persian face.

It is nice to hear direct from cat caretakers about this. Breeders tend to underplay it for obvious reasons.

I am guessing that her name is "Magpie" or have I got that completely wrong!

Anyway, she is beautiful and cute even though she has health issues.

I have linked to this page from the Persian Cat Health page.

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Here's my 3-4 month old ultra Persian to Persian Cats

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Here's my 3-4 month old ultra Persian

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Oct 23, 2011 Ultra Persians
by: Anonymous

Shame on any breeder or buyer of an ultra persian. The health of the cat should be ALWAYS of first concern. Too bad so many breeders are more concered with money.

Dec 14, 2010 There is no such thing as a teacup
by: Anonymous

I have to warn several of you about teacup Persians. There is no such breed. Usually these are runts of a litter that someone is charging astronomical amounts of money for. It is a racket. Sometimes they are even starved, get them home feed them and guess what? You have a normal Persian.

Teacup is a marketing tool and no breeder with ethics advertises them because like I said it is not a breed! Neither are rug huggers or any of the other terms they use for small Persians. If you bought one and it is unhealthy it is likely because the kitten was never cared for properly or was a sickly runt in the first place.

Dont be fooled.

I am a Persian breeder and it saddens me to see these practices continue. The cats and the owners suffer needlessly.

Nov 08, 2010 I recognized the same feeding issues as in our Himalayan cat
by: David

Richard -- We just lost our well-loved Tea Cup after two years when she stopped eating, and the vet said that putting a feeding tube in her (her initial suggestion!) would have been too dangerous; so we put her to sleep while we stroked her. A VERY sad day for us.

Our cat, too, would require re-mounding the food so that she'd continue eating. Putting the food down and walking off normally meant she would, too. At 4 pounds, she'd eat 1/2 a large can, twice a day. Daily cleaning of the face needed, both from the eyes and from the wet food. Took me almost a year to get her fur mat-free.

Although our vet only dealt with cats, she was unfamiliar with the breed. Body x-rays showed many deformaties, and she described Tea Cup as "a train wreck". I wonder now if perhaps most are just that but happen to survive despite issues such as deformed wind pipes, lungs, chest fluid build up, enlarged spleen, etc.? If I ever get another one, I'll start with a base-line x-ray to follow any medical issues down the line. For now, I'll stay catless - I fell in love with that animal after she was rescued and found in an emaciated state, age 5 - 7 years old. Had her for two years. I was not a cat lover until she showed up in my life. Boy do I miss her!

Sep 23, 2010 Thanks for the nice comments
by: Richard

Her "health" issues are minor at this point (who knows in the future).

So far she seems to have no problems breathing.

The largest issue at this time is that she is so high maintenance.

She still eats 3-4 meals a day and needs me to push the food together many times as she flattens it out.
If I didn't supervise, she'd give up and I'm afraid would become malnourished. But - because of my constant effort she's doing fine. Hopefully I won't feel irritated after 15 years of it.

As for her eyes - that is the worst. There is no staining- but only because I wipe her eyes and gently wash the fur by her eyes two to three times a day. If I went two days without doing it she would look incredibly gross with orangey stains under her eyes.

Personally, I still am glad I have her. She's sweet, playful, gentle & easy going. But as I mentioned; I'd never get a flat faced cat again.

Finally, I think Persians shouldn't win points for titles unless they could be observed 10-12 hours AFTER the last moment they were groomed, cleaned or wiped. If a cat can't keep a clean face for a few hours - it shouldn't reproduce.

My opinion of course.

Sep 22, 2010 shes so cute
by: kathy

Who cares about her abnormalties. She is so cute. I would just like to be hugging her right now. Shes your baby so dont be worried about any abnormalties that keep her from being shown. Shes special to you and thats all that matters. Goodluck with her.

Sep 21, 2010 Magpie
by: Leah (England)

Hi Richard

She's very very sweet but I do feel sorry for her in terms of the health risks. That tiny tiny nose how can she breathe properly?

My beloved Benji who died 2 and a half years ago (seems like yesterday) was half persian which I personally feel is best because you don't have the squashed face just the personality and beautiful coat.

Sorry Richard she's lovely and I know you love her but I feel its such a shame.

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