Here’s what happened to the tabby cat thrown from a balcony

This is a postscript to the story and video that went viral of the female cat allegedly thrown from a third floor balcony onto concrete by a 19-year-old woman from Clifton, New Jersey, Tikeemah Lassiter.

We know that the cat survived and ended up in the care of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (“the society”) but not much more.

The society said that the cat suffered minor paw injuries. This is great news and shows us how resilient and athletic the cat is.

Yasmin Rivera from her FB page
Yasmin Rivera from her FB page
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A woman, Yasmin Rivera, who works as a waitress and who is animal welfare volunteer and rescuer played a part in turning the story around and ensuring that it ended happily.

Her friends alerted her to the video of the cat being thrown off the balcony. This piqued her interest in the story. She wanted to help. She and friends did some investigative work.

It appears that a kid had posted a message on social media saying:

“At least the cat is okay, he’s here with me.”

Rivera and friends contacted the boy and offered him $50 for the cat.

“So when we picked the cat up from him he showed us the location, and we gave him the $50 and we took the cat.”

Obviously she made sure the cat was the same one as in the video. The cat did not appear to be harmed. As it was Saturday she had to go to work. She took the cat to her apartment where she made her comfortable and provided food, water and a litter tray.

The police then got in touch with one of Rivera’s friends involved in animal rescue. Her friend made arrangements for the police to pick up the cat. Rivera named the cat Karma.

Thereafter we know that Karma was checked over by a vet and remained in the vet’s care until rehomed. I presume that the vet worked for the society. I don’t have information as to Karma’s rehoming. Perhaps it is yet to happen.

Rivera said:

“The good Karma that came out of it, that she was saved, that she wasn’t killed.”

Rivera is heavily involved in animal rescue. She has worked with several groups and runs TNR campaigns.

We know that the cat abuser, Tikeemah Lassiter, has been charged on the basis of her own evidence, the video.

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