Heroic Actions: Kids and Cats

This article is dedicated to the kids and cats who love each other unconditionally and without fear. While cats are often described as having their own agenda (which may be true), 2014 appears to be the year of the cat. At least as far as kids are concerned. The opposite is also true.


Ethan and Smudge
Smudge and Ethan – Photo: Mercury Press and Media
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Smudge is a 4-year-old family cat who lives in Thorne, South Yorkshire in the UK. His people, Sarah Fenton and her two boys, 5-year-old Ethan and 3-year-old Ashton apparently mean everything to this cat. Earlier this month Sarah was watching her two boys as they played football in their front garden.

Things were going well until three older, bigger boy approached her sons. The boys shouted twice to Ethan, and when Ethan ignored them, they got up in his face and pushed him down. Sarah was about to intervene when Smudge did the job for her. Their cat came flying out from under their car and jumped on the boy’s chest. The boy stumbled, then started crying and ran off.

Sarah explains Smudge, who has been with them for three years now, has never done anything like this. The family cat has been keeping guard at night by sleeping outside Ethan’s bedroom

Sarah says:

“I actually feel so much safer knowing Smudge is around after seeing him defend him like that. He is a big part of the family and he is more of a brother to the boys than a cat.”

Now Smudge is up for the 2014 UK Cats Protection National Cat Awards in the Hero Cat category, which will be held next month.


Jackson and Wendell
Jackson and Wendell

On March 12, a North Carolina cat was being tortured by a group of five to 13-year-old boys. Wendall Overton, 10, of Manteo, bravely stepped in to save the distressed cat. “Jackson” was rescued and taken home, where Wendell’s mom contacted the Outer Banks SPCA.

Jackson is recovering well, and will be up for adoption in the near future. Wendell and his family are amazed at the number of cards and letters that have poured in thanking him for his bravery. The family released a statement saying

“WOW! Words cannot express how moved we are by the overwhelming response to Wendell’s story. We wanted to give everyone an update on Jackson, the cat saved by Wendell’s compassion and bravery. He is recovering well, resting comfortably, eating like a king and will be looking for a new home soon!”


Perhaps there is hope for cats in the next generation. By providing unconditional love to a cat, are we also instilling the desire to protect? A protection and love that seems to work both directions? Please leave a comment.


Sources: lifewithcats.tv and buzzfeed. Alternative behavior for kids. The amazing video of a tabby family cat saving a child of the family from being mauled by a dog.

2 thoughts on “Heroic Actions: Kids and Cats”

  1. Bless both Wendell and Smudge I only hope there aren’t any reprisals for either because more and more these days even when people act in the wrong way like the torturers and the bullies people still back them and its just totally makes no sense.

  2. That took guts for that little boy to stand up to a hoard of bullies, some older than him, to save that cat. He’s lucky they didn’t go from torturing the cat to torturing him. He could have ended up seriously hurt himself. We know that those who will hurt an animal will hurt a human when given the chance. Mob mentality also can cause people to engage in violent behavior they would not do on their own. To intervene in that situation was dangerous. Somehow he must have been a voice of reason. Or his guardian angel was standing by.


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