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Heroic Actions: Kids and Cats — 2 Comments

  1. Bless both Wendell and Smudge I only hope there aren’t any reprisals for either because more and more these days even when people act in the wrong way like the torturers and the bullies people still back them and its just totally makes no sense.

  2. That took guts for that little boy to stand up to a hoard of bullies, some older than him, to save that cat. He’s lucky they didn’t go from torturing the cat to torturing him. He could have ended up seriously hurt himself. We know that those who will hurt an animal will hurt a human when given the chance. Mob mentality also can cause people to engage in violent behavior they would not do on their own. To intervene in that situation was dangerous. Somehow he must have been a voice of reason. Or his guardian angel was standing by.

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