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Heroic Cat in Russia Saves Baby From Freezing to Death — 16 Comments

  1. My thinking is Misha was taken care of by the humans in the neighborhood, and she was returning the kindness shown to her. I’m just glad both the baby and Misha are doing all right, and I hope Misha found a forever home for what she did.

    Cats can be very loyal to people. I’ve heard of cats waking owners up saving them from a house fire. I’ve heard of cats attacking people who broke into the owner’s house protecting the owner from harm. I’ve heard of cats attacking robbers in stores.

    I had a snowshoe years ago, and he was the nicest cat in the world (yes everyone will say that about their cat). He mauled an ex-boyfriend of mine when my ex hugged me. Indy (my cat) thought I was being attacked, and he attacked my ex. My ex didn’t blame the cat for what happened when I explained what Indy was thinking, and pointed out that he (my ex) didn’t introduce himself to Indy. After that incident my ex always made sure to say hi and pet Indy before he even gave me a hug or kiss.

  2. When I brought a newborn kitten home after his momma had been run over at work, my cat Hitch (Long tailed Manx) climbed into the box to keep Lucky warm until I could get him to a bottle baby rescue group. Cats are wonderful creatures, and will try to help if they can. My roommate fainted one, and my oldest cat Blitz (Forrest Cat, British Shorthair mix) stayed with her until she came around. She told me he was nuzzling her, pawing at her, and meowing at her. Blitz rarely leaves my roommate’s side, and follows her like a puppy.

    Misha probably realized the infant was in trouble and tried to help the only way she could. I don’t care what people say about cats not being a good animal for whatever reason they believe. Hero cats are out there, but dogs tend to get more coverage.

  3. Oh I saw this on Facebook and I just Love it. I love the story how a Community cat so great to see she is looked after my people in the Neighbourhood. Cant believe someone would leave a baby out in the cold like that. It would be even better if someone gave that Cat a Forever home. πŸ™‚

  4. Elisa, We have cats that always comfort older or ill cats that body temperatures are dropping they will lay on top of the ill cat and lick their heads to stimulate like a mom cat! Go to Friends for Life Cat Adoptions page and read about Brawny kitten and Gonzo senior that had been owner surrendered to Cabarrus AC in horrible condition that spent his last days with us and love! The pictures are in the album Harsh Reality, and Cold Truths https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.607240165955581.1073741829.212806548732280&type=3

  5. What an amazing story! I think the cat did what comes naturally. Seeking a source of warmth to sleep with. Her instinct to keep herself warm saved the baby. It’s a miracle that the baby was left there for Misha to rescue. A wonderful story and kitty.

  6. At my house if a cat wants in a box and another cat is in the box, then the first cat just has to move over. Perhaps Masha decided it was her box and she was gonna lay in it no matter what-baby or no baby. If the baby wasn’t crying, then the baby may not have been too cold, and Masha may have enjoyed some infant heat as well as giving some back to the baby.

  7. I never even saw your version. I’m so out of touch with the internet it’s not even funny. I can’t even get around to commenting on comments anymore. Can you help me find a good cloning program? I need help! Giggles…

      • Commercial is key to surviving in today’s media rat race. I try to use a title that’s close to what the news wires are using or to have one so catchy people have to read the story. I write simple, keeping it on a level a 5th grader can understand. Nothing is worse than reading big words you have to use a dictionary for to know what’s being said. And I don’t always use the AP format for important info first. I did more of a storyweaving on this one where I read several articles and combined them. The video is what makes it better than most other coverage of this cat. I found a few that couldn’t be embedded, but this one is the best available that was in English. Plus I have a team of networkers. It’s not just me πŸ™‚

        • I agree with all the points you make. I have a whole series of pages for kids. It is important to keep things simple. However, in the very long term articles full of detailed informatiom, even ones which are difficult to understand for some people, like some Sarah Hartwell’s of Messybeast.com, do stand the test of time. They last for ever. News stories tend to come and go.

  8. Thanks Elisa. Your version is better than mine and you’ll network it far better than I ever could.

    You found the video too. I couldn’t find one. My article questioned whether the cat deliberately saved the child or intended to help the child.

    I wondered if the cat was trying to keep warm. I think she was trying to help the child and possibly keeping warm at the same time. A mutual benefit.

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