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Heroic Rescue Of 75 Semi-feral Cats — 8 Comments

  1. I forgot to add the funniest trait of all these inbred cats, they are NOT graceful. They can’t seem to judge the amount of jump needed to get up on something and are forever crashing on the floor.

  2. God bless all the people who helped and those who adopted the cats and kittens. And really bless the lady who took the time to get to know and love the ones who were so terrified and took longer to gentle-I prefer that word to “tame”.

  3. What an incredible story of love and dedication to helping cats live better lives. I appreciate the willingness to take the time to write about it, so that more people can see what’s possible when we’re guided by “compassion in action”.

    Michael, thank you for posting this.

    • Thanks. I was terribly impressed with the dedication and commitment. All done freely. It’s amazing.

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