Hi, can anyone help me identify my cat’s breed?

Hi, can anyone help me identify my cat’s breed?



Hi, can anyone help me identify my cat's breed?

She has very soft fur, medium length but much longer on her tail, she rarely meows, but often 'talks' to us, loves to be centre of attention, greets us at the door (much like a dog would) and has to be involved with everything we are doing, including going to the bathroom!

She loves to play & jumps really high to catch when playing piggy in the middle!

She is a ginger tortie with white underside.

Thanks for your help

Hi Anonymous... thanks for visiting and asking.

Millie is a very impressive looking calico long haired cat with a sweet face. She has the look, perhaps, of a purebred cat but she is almost certainly a random bred cat that looks a bit like a traditional Persian. Although the head shape is different.

Millie has a fantastic plumed tail - very special.

Sorry I can't give a certain answer. No one could. Even if she was a purebred cat of a certain breed, without papers and pedigree she could not be considered a purebred cat. You need a pedigree I am afraid.

Please see: What breed is my cat (page opens in a new window or tab).

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Hi, can anyone help me identify my cat's breed? to What Breed is my cat

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Hi, can anyone help me identify my cat's breed?

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May 05, 2012 what breed NEW
by: claire

If there was a breed called absolutely beautiful that would be it. Does she have butterfly like markings on her back ? If so then she is a classic tabby. I have one and he is beautiful too with a little bit of ginger silver white and the classic tabby markings. Millie is a very preety cat. Plug classic tabby into images.

Jan 06, 2012 Maine coon
by: Anonymous

Hello! Your cat is a Maine coon breed. My cat, Twix, looks just like yours! I researched cat breeds on google.com and maine coon seemed to match. My vet later confirmed when I brought her in for shots.I hope this helps! They are wonderful cats and super soft 🙂 I found mine outside when she was just a tiny kitten. I had to bottom feed her because she was so small. This waa a stretch for me because Ive never been a cat person, but now Im in love 🙂 have a good day

Jul 25, 2010 Fabulous fur
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi there. Without papers your Millie is per definition a mixed breed. Most cats actually are just that and of course no lesser cats than their pedigreed cousins. Mixed breeds often are healthier and live longer - and needless to say they are just as loved by their humans.
As to what in her mix gave her that fabulous semi-longhaired fur is anybody's guess. Michael sees Persian whereas I tend to see Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon - which one depends on whether she has a triangular head shape or a square muzzle.
My wife and I also have a cat named Milly, a 16 year old Norwegian. She sends her love to your Millie. 🙂

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