hi, i was told my baby is a bengal wondering if that’s true

hi, i was told my baby is a bengal wondering if that’s true

by maria haas

9 months ago we had a couple bring us a kitten they said was bengal tabby, since then we have notice stuff about tinkerbell that is not like any other cat we have had. she plays in the bath tub with water she talks alot with sounds we have never heard and she is so hyper and wants to know what everything is and she jumps very high 4 feet right low she is 9 months old and weighs 10.4 lbs.


Hi Maria.. thanks for visiting. For me there are two major things that need to be mentioned in answering your question.

First, Tinkerbell has an interesting blotched tabby pattern. This indicates to me that she has been bred deliberately rather than is a random bred cat. Breeders obviously like to create interesting looking cats and the patterns (rosettes - spots - and classic tabby - swirls etc) are important ways to make the cat more desirable.

So the appearance supports the argument that she is a Bengal cat. She also looks like a Bengal cat in overall appearance. Although there are more fancy examples at cat shows etc.

Tinkerbell also behaves like a Bengal cat.

The problem is this. Without papers, evidence of pedigree (parentage going back several years) and registration at a cat association you can only guess or make an informed assessment as there are many purebred mix cats out there.

As you probably know purebred mix cats are not quite purebred. They have a close resemblance to a purebred cat of the breed concerned but are not actually purebred and therefore are not part of a cat breed. Neither are they true moggies - random bred cats.

Tinkerbell may be a Bengal mix. I just don't know. I feel though that she is a purebred Bengal cat.

Hope this helps. You may have seen this page, which adds to what I have said here:

What Breed is my Cat?

This page shows a very famous classic tabby patterned Bengal cat SUN DOG

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hi, i was told my baby is a bengal wondering if that's true

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May 31, 2011 Looks like it to me
by: Kathy W

Your cat looks Becgal to me. She is very beautiful. I love her markings. Bengal love water and they sometimes have a bark instead of a meow. I had one that would like bark when she saw a bird or another animal outside.

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