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Hiccups in Cats and Kittens: Is this a Serious Condition? — 18 Comments

  1. My cat was in distress a year or so ago. Vet found she had eaten/then thrown back up a large roach; leaving 3 roach legs lodged in her nasal passages, hindering her breathing. He removed 3 of the legs, but couldn’t find anymore. Now i am wondering if a leg or two w/spikey edges got stuck somewhere internally & is the case of her chronic hiccuping regular episodes.

    • Phew, this is a terrible story. The short answer is that they might be caused by a foreign body but I don’t know. I have never heard of it before. The best book I have on cat health does not help either. So sorry.

  2. My persian kitten is of 40 days. She had fever one day.she is weak. Now she is coughing and hiccuping for 3 days. She don’t even eat. I took her to the vet. He gave syrup. But there is no recovery.
    I don’t know what to do…

    • Eman, I am sorry to hear that your cat is ill. I am afraid to say that it is impossible for me, a layperson, to advise in this instance because there are numerous reasons why your cat is showing these symptoms. I think you need to take your cat to another veterinarian, difficult though that may sound. I think it is the only way forward. I don’t think just giving syrup is an answer. You need to do some tests. There may be a serious underlying in illness behind the symptoms. Good luck by the way.

  3. This article is very helpful! My 6 yr old long haired cat suddenly started hiccuping, and hasn’t been able to stop after several hours. I called our E.R.vet. I was given some of this same info. You posted. I plan to observe the kitty overnight and hopefully the hiccups will resolve. I’m particularly concerned because the cat is currently being treated for kidney stones and has been on prescription cat food. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for this information, it put my mind to rest, because in all the years we had cats, I had never seen it. Suddenly the youngest cat started to do it. It helped me a lot, the video also helped.

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  6. Thanks for all this good information. Our kittens always hiccuped after their bottles. Like you mentioned they probably ate to fast. I will pass this information on to all my friends.

  7. Esther would hiccup now and then, but she ate too fast. All my puppies have had hiccups….now that’s cute. Munchkin got hiccups quite frequently toward the end of her life. But that poor creature had two giant tumors in her chest; one “squishing” her heart and one pushing out her scapula (shoulder blade). Looking back, I’m sure that was why. She only hiccuped the last few weeks of her life. We all attributed it to her IBD.

  8. I’d say hiccups in a cat isn’t serious, unless it goes on and on violently or without pause for a while.
    We can cure ours easily by getting someone to ask us questions to which we reply every time ‘Yes daddy’
    Don’t ask me how it works, but it does lol

  9. I just think if a cat has been a greedy pig and eaten too much then he/she will get hiccups just the same as we do, I’ve seen our boys hiccup, I hiccup, Ruth hiccups, maybe we’re just a family of greedy pigs 🙂

  10. Jo, you’ve never seen it in your cats. I have seen it once – one hiccup – in my cat Charlie. So between us we have one feline hiccup! It is probably rare but then again hiccups is not very common in people either but it can be serious for some people. I read that someone had them for over 10 years 😉 That would mess up your life and your stomach would probably become sore.

    Cats are totally unconcerned about hiccups. They just let it happen whereas people struggle with them and do all kinds of things to stop them.

    Thanks for the post Jo.

    • Michael you have that video of Charlie doing one hiccup if I remember correctly. It’s a funny video in of itself – if you don’t know what the purpose of it is. 🙂

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