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Hide The TP

Have you come back home to a TP catastrophe? Is your cat a master TP kicker and shredder? Did you just buy a 6 pack of TP from Costco and returned to see it shredded all over the living room floor? Well, this family did:

So, what is it about toilet paper that drives cats to kill it, shred it and chew it with such pleasure?

Maybe all the toys in all the world are not as good as a roll of toilet paper when it comes to substituting prey. Cats need to express natural desires and a major desire is to hunt.

There is little chance to do that in the modern domestic cat world if you are a full-time indoor cat. And there are lots of those in the United States. Perhaps we need to do a survey to find out if more indoor cats than outdoor cats like to attack TP.

My guess, for what it is worth, is that a new roll of super soft toilet paper has a nice consistency and feel that is not that far from the feel of a mouse!

Ok the shape and color are different but the softness and the squeezability of a roll of TP is a bit like a small mammal…. Got to attack it and shred it with the hind paws. It is as if a cat’s pent up desires to hunt and kill come out in a burst of activity.

What do you think?

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Hide The TP

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Mar 10, 2012
Cats use pent up energy on TP NEW
by: Anonymous

I laugh so hard at story of cats shredding TP,
our beloved Keke, a gorgeous large Russian Blue loved to shred TP for no reasson @ all. After Keke this it with several rolls husband decided to place holder about 4 ft high, Keke figured that by standing on clothes hamper, placing left paw on doorknob he could continue enjoying one of his hobbys, we finally ended up closing door to bathroom, worked perfectly.
Cars are funny & intelligent to their own devices.
Southeast Arizona

Mar 09, 2012
cats and shredding NEW
by: Ruth

What a mess! lol
Yes I think you are right Michael, a cat’s pent up energy could easily be let out on a soft object like toilet rolls by pretending they were prey.
We once had a cat who loved to pull paper tissues out of the box, she’d shred the lot then try and sit in the empty box.
A neighbour’s cat used to come in and ‘kill’ our paper kitchen rolls. I think in his case it was for attention as it made us laugh, the poor cat was shut out of his own home for hours on end.

Michael Broad

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