Higgins, My Loving Companion

Higgins, My Loving Companion

by Eva Marie



Higgins Oliver in the front Guess who Higgins is?

I adopted Higgins when he was perhaps four 4 yrs. He is now 11. Within one month he became ill and I found out he had megacolon.

I gave him daily oral shots and enemas for about one year. We developed a very close bond. He was patient and though uncomfortable, he seemed to know that it was out of love we went through this.

He never scratches, only bites gently at times to communicate. Eventually the condition became so severe that he required surgery and I took a loan to pay for it, though the rate of success from this surgery is not terribly encouraging.

My vet seemed to think he was a Chartreux. I am not sure, perhaps you can help. Higgins recovered, though it took about 3 months for his intestine to take on the function of the colon.

If any of you out there are going through this, there is hope, do not give up. Even when sick he hardly ever stops eating or refusing a treat. He has always been a large cat, around 18lbs. At his heaviest he was 21lbs and (after I was reprimanded by his vet), he had to be put on a diet. Not an easy task. Since he rarely meows, he patiently sits in front of his bowls and waits, staring in my eyes.

His begging for food is ultra annoying. He loves water so spraying him with water is a reward. He eats all my plants but will not eat his grass. He is lazy. Never been much of a jumper, but now he does not jump at all. He loves water and goes in the bathtub, playing and wanting to being in the shower with me. When near the window, he chirps and chirps. As he gets older he meows a little more, always close to me.

He is very trainable and at times acts more like a dog, sociable, not afraid of people (or dogs). Two years ago I ended up taking in another cat, Oliver, who was otherwise going to be put to sleep. He looks exactly like Higgins, except that he is 5lbs lighter and not as calm or friendly. But he also chirps and very rarely meows. He loves to sneak inside closets or hiding places and because he is basically mute, I never know how long he has been there.

Only at night he becomes sweet, as he suckles on a blanket as a new born kitten and hits me with his head DEMANDING attention. I don't think he is a Chartreux because of the personality, but I am not sure. I am going to try and upload one photo of Higgins and Oliver. After Higgins looses 2 more lbs - not an easy feat as he WILL do his best to wake me up if he is hungry (knocking my glass of water, smacking his paw against my face, walking all over me, sometimes even meowing - his meow sounds more like the sound a duck would make) he needs to have his teeth cleaned due to severe gum desease. I am afraid of the anesthetic.

Not sure what I should do. He is turning into a little cranky old man, but I still love him dearly.


From Higgins, My Loving Companion to Chartreux Cat

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Higgins, My Loving Companion

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Dec 11, 2010 Bluish cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Eva Marie. There could be some Chartreux in your cats, but without knowing their background no one can really say. The bluish grey in itself is not decisive - actually it is a dilution of the black colour and occurs with any breed that carry the gene for black.
They are both beautiful and impressive cats, but with his medical history and after being with you for so many years, it's no wonder if Higgins has won a special place in your heart.

Finn Frode avatar

Dec 08, 2010 Ahh
by: Leah (England)

Whatever he is he's a little sweetie and he loves you and you love him so with that much love under your roof what else can you ask for!

Dec 07, 2010 Key points
by: Michael

The key points about a Chartreux are: blue coat, smiling face and skinny legs!

But you will also need certificates (documents) that confirm that he or she has the requisite pedigree to be a purebred cat.

Higgins looks like a Chartreux, there is no doubt about that.

Thanks for posting.

Michael Avatar

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