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High excitement when cat meets dog buddy

High excitement when cat meets dog buddy

The excitement is so high that they can’t contain themselves. These two love each other’s company that’s for sure.

Note: videos on this site are typically made by people other than me and held on YouTube servers or the servers of other businesses (not the server storing this website). Sometimes the videos are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. It that has happened I apologise but I have no control over it.


Dog forced off sidewalk by gang of cats

A gang of street cats intimidate and see off an innocent dog walking down the sidewalk minding his own business ...
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Dog deliberately karate kicks cat

You have to believe that this dog knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to karate kick a ...
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Cat just being a cat

Weak video quality but strong cat skills. Although he kind of fluked it. It just looks nice. If the cat ...
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Cat versus 3 dogs (video)

An astonishing video of what appears to be a small, juvenile cat standing up to and forcing back three excited, ...
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Attentive cats listen to lecture on Covid-19

Attentive cats listen to the lecture on Covid-19. Screenehot. This is a cute little Twitter video showing a man in ...
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Dog carries cat by scruff of neck under request to hide

This is a cute video from China (we are told it is China). I know China is in the news ...
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Mesmerising dominoes and cats video keeps you on tenterhooks

You'll like this cat video. It'll keep you mesmerised for a while - three and a half minutes to be ...
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