High Flying Nala

by Cassi


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I have a cat named Nala and I have looked for her breed for two years. The animal hospital told my mother Nala was a special breed of cat but my mom can't remember what it was. I have seen two cat breeds that look a lot like her and her twin son (he got hit by a car I miss my little tripper) one of them was a moggie the other was the weird o something cat.

She's very loving but at night she's like a wildfire and will attack anything that moves under the blankets (she's at least 3 years old).

She's also shy and only me and who ever is sitting on the recliner (Nala LOVES the recliner) can ever get close to her. She never sits down when I'm around unless I hold.

Now here's the funny part...A couple days after I got her and named her Nala she was racing around my room and my mom (note: I'm only 11) kept saying we should have named her speedy.

Well, my door flew shut and right when she was about to run in to it (I was coming to the rescue) she jumped way over the heads of my mom and me and did a back flip and landed on my bed (which at the time she usually had to climb - I even made her steps to get on).

Now here's a picture of our love time. See if you can find her breed please!!!!!


Hi Cassi... Great to hear from you. Well, if Nala is a purebred cat (and she might not be) you have told me she is agile (that amazing back flip) and energetic.

Nala has a golden colour and her hair is short. And she has the classic "M" tabby mark on her forehead but she does not have any obvious tabby markings except some banding, it seems, on her tail. There may be some hidden ones that I can't see from the picture, perhaps on the legs.

All the signs indicate that Nala is an Abyssinian cat. In fact of all the purebred cats this is probably the only breed that she might be as nothing else matches, except the Chausie, which is a wild cat hybrid. The Chausie is a rare cat.

If she is not purebred Abyssinian she might be a Abyssinian mix. Sometimes it seems that moggie cats (random bred cats) throw up a cat in litters that look like purebred cats. Moggie cats cannot be purebred but they can have the appearance one. Here is a story about a Chartreux look-a-like.

Abyssinian cats are very popular, the 4th most popular cat based on this website's poll. They have a long history.

If your cat is a moggie, random bred cat, she is just as good, just as beautiful, as it really makes no difference. She is still Nala, the cat you love.

Thanks again for visiting. Come back as some visitors might give a better answer!

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Feb 25, 2010
To Cassie, who clearly loves her cat!
by: Maggie Sharp

I agree, it doesn't really come down to genes though (usually how the kitten is raised) but cats are like people, they will change... My Chilli used to be a little ball of energy, once he smashed my mother's vase which had real gold in it! Now he still has his 'episodes' but generally now he's a LOT more laid back.

You are a classic example of those of us who know they're cat better than anyone else in the world. I was once told that no matter what, no one knows your pet as well as YOU. And I know that's the truth, as I've seen it myself, and it seems you have too!

I'm sorry to hear your cat got hit by a car, that must have been very traumatic for you and Nala, and it breaks my heart to hear that the males in your family are unkind to cats, Nala is young, and it's more than likely that she'll live to be with you when you move out!

Feb 24, 2010
by: Cassi

Thanks I know Nala is Nala no matter what. I don't think she's shy from genes though. When she was a kitten she used to love everyone like her twin son (be
for he got hit I whatched it go down I was afraid to let my cats out for months after that) I think she's shy because of my brothers and step-dad they tortorize all the cats!! Talk about cat rescuing they nearly got my german sheppard to eat Nala once. I love Nala and that's a fact no matter what I even made her a cat toy (she doesn't like store bout ones) so my feet could move a liitle. I hope Nala lives with me atleast till I move out and longer after that. The help was great!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 23, 2010
Thanks Maggie
by: Michael

Thanks, Maggie, for sharing your expertise in respect of the Abyssinian breed. It is much appreciated.

Michael Avatar

Feb 23, 2010
Yes she does sound like an Aby
by: Maggie Sharp

Hi Cassie,

I agree with Michael, she does sound a lot like an Aby (I own an Aby and have owned them in the past.) Though, from your photo I can see that she's not a pedigree Aby, firstly it would be rare to find an Abyssinian mix with a colour like hers (in the Aby world that's called Cinnamon, Sorrel or Red), and because that's a recessive colour (both parents have to carry the gene in which produces that colour) it's highly unlikely that she's a mix. I don't think she's a pedigree, because on her leg I can see a colour which isn't as solid as the Abys, hers gives off a marble look. Also, her ear set is far too small and tad too high for an Aby... She's only young, so most pedigree Abys fit the modern look. My Aby is turning 2 this October, and he's a Tawny (Ruddy/Usual) and that's the dominant colour. Also, his sister is Cinnamon and doesn't look too much like your girl Nala. Also, Abys aren't shy they're a confident person-orientated breed.

Despite all that, Nala is BEAUTIFUL! And she looks very happy with you, no matter what breed a cat is it all comes down to that cat as an individual and as YOUR cat.

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