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High School Assistant Principal May Lose His Job Because of Feline Inappropriate Elimination — 6 Comments

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  2. No matter how bad the verbal abuse, you do not use physical violence as defence against it or attack to shut it down. Ever, end of. No excuse.

    Neither of them are fit to keep companion animals if their home runs in such a distressing, aggressive manner. They should not keep cats especially.

    I wonder if the poor cat was declawed?. Escalating outside the box elimination is one of the big signs of distress from declaw pain, often the very last issue to be even considered by vets in backwards countries where cats are routinely mutilated and crippled by legal declawing.

  3. As an assistant principal he would have been well aware of the possible consequences. If your spouse is physically or mentally abusing you and by association your children and in this case a pet you have to question his stability to have authority over children.
    He is also by law a mandated reporter. When the cat is peeing outside the box normal people take the cat to the vet they don’t end up with a 911 call for domestic abuse.

  4. If this is how he conducts his private life why would you want him near children ? I feel sorry for their daughter and the cat stuck living with a couple of nuts.

    • SERIOUSLY?! u mean u have never “snapped” before & done something u regret? the man ADMITTED what he did. its NOT nuts for people to argue u know. MAYBE he loves his wife & didnt want to leave her & he endured her berating n an effort to stay together & try to fix it. u NEVER know what IS going on n a home until u live with them. its really easy to condemn someone for what u THINK is going on. it COULD BE a madhouse there, but the madness MAY come SOLELY from the wife, as it SEEMS to be the case, since it was said that their daughter stated that her dad WAS constantly being berated by her mother.
      maybe the fact that ive gone through something similar with someone i cared for makes it easier for me to be compassionate about what this guy is going through. also, if he is acting professionally ON THE JOB then theres NO REASON why he shouldnt be near children. its NOT like he was arrested for kiddy porn, molestation, child endangerment, or the like. should others loose their jobs because THEY have problems at home too? cuz whenever u have to different people living together there will be SOME problems. the ONLY difference here is that the police came THIS TIME. 40% of domestic violence is against men, women call the police several times more than men, & women are believed more than men-as they(men)tend to be victim shamed by the police & others. i should know, i went through it, & ive checked the data(53% of women felt that hitting their spouse or someone they lived with to “get through to them”;NOT due to past violence, was ok, 52% because of”something they said”, & 26% just “to make them do something”. there r several more studies like that one. feel free to look them up, like i did many years ago, as well as today just to make sure.)
      so till we know the WHOLE STORY maybe we should save the castigation, yeah?

      • You really are the apologist for domestic abuse aren’t you?

        Ed Young,because of attitudes like yours, domestic abuse flourishes.

        There is no excuse.

        If you believe that women are more believed than men when they report abuse, you are poorly informed.

        There is no excuse for using physical violence. The man is an adult. He has a choice.

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