Hiker scares cougar with music: “I guess he didn’t want to eat anything that leaves a Metallica taste in his mouth.”

A hiker in Vancouver, British Columbia credits her love for Metallica songs with helping her avoid a potentially deadly situation when she was being stalked by a cougar.

woman hiking with dog
Dee & Murphy scared off a cougar with Metallica music (Facebook)
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Dee Gallant, 45, was hiking in South Duncan on July 23. She had her dog Murphy to keep her company. The two were only a few miles into the woods when she realized a cougar was on the prowl. Dee was curious until she realized the cougar was a bit too interested in her.

Waving her arms and yelling at the cougar stopped the big but curious cat but it didn’t retreat. Dee even resorted to calling the cat “bad kitty” and “get out of here.” Then she had an idea of what might work. She opened her phone and chose the loudest band she could think of from her iTunes collection.

The cougar ran off after hearing the first few notes of Don’t Tread On Me. Dee stated during an interview with WNEP16 News

“I actually thought it was really cool that I got to see a cougar for so long. I thought it was exciting. I definitely think Metallica saved the day there, for sure. ”

A Facebook post by Dee described her encounter in detail

“Tonight’s walk was great cardio and I didn’t even have to run! Went up a logging road and felt a funny feeling. I looked to my right and quickly realized I was being stalked by a predator about to bite off more than he could chew… literally. I told him off and even used my mean voice but he just kept staring at me.

I videotaped him a while but when he wouldn’t leave even after calling him a “bad kitty” I figured I better try a new tactic. I quickly rifled through my iTunes and found Metallica “don’t tread on me” As soon as it started to play it he buggered off into the bush. I guess he didn’t want to eat anything that leaves a Metallica taste in his mouth.”

cougar was stalking Dee and Murphy (Facebook)

Dee stayed in the middle of the road with Murphy close by her side. She kept the song on loop for the remainder of the hike and the cougar didn’t return.


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