Himalayan cat climbs the Everest of survivability and comes through without food or water for about 30 days.

Delilah a Himalayan cat survived about 30 days without food or water
Photo: Ottawa Humane Society
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This is hardly believable but the source is reliable. Delilah, a two-year-old purebred Himalayan cat (pointed Persian) was abandoned in a locked apartment. Yes, it is hard to believe that a cat owner could walk away from their cat in such a manner.

It appears that neither food nor water was put down for her. Perhaps she found some water somewhere but we are not told that.

The apartment block’s superintendent found her. He must have been checking out the apartment for some reason. And there she was, incredibly emaciated and dehydrated. She was near death which is unsurprising because she should have died.

An Ottawa Humane Society spokesperson said it was a miracle that she did not die.

Delilah was given IV fluids and fed a high quality wet diet multiple times daily. She is recovering in a foster home in preparation for adoption to a new family. Thank God. Her care cost $800. The Ottawa Humane Society raised $1000 through donations. Good people always respond.

Source: Ottawa Matters.com

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  1. The owner should be charged with animal neglect, fined and sued for damages (cost of care to rehab the cat). I’m sure it’s known who the owner is.


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