Himalayan Cat Rescue is a subject that interests concerned cat lovers/fanciers so I decided to build this short page on the subject. Why short? Well, because I have already covered the subject of Persian cat rescue in detail, both in respect of the world (but almost entirely the USA) and for the UK.

As we a know a Himalayan cat is a pointed Persian cat. There are not that many rescue centers that are exclusively concerned with purebred Persian cats. Most are either providing a service for purebred cats generally or all abandoned cats.

Probably the best thing to do is have a look at these pages first:

Persian cat rescue UK

They have been carefully prepared and are designed to make a search easier.I must say that it is not all that easy to find all the rescue centers as some are a little hidden in the huge internet.

You will see that the top Himalayan cat rescue center (in terms of an internet search – and for the USA) is the Persian & Himalayan Rescue. This site always comes up in searches. They are located in Mill Valley, San Francisco, California, USA. The links above will produce more options.

For the UK there are four centers that are the most prominent Himalayan cat rescue operations:

  • St. Francis Persian Rescue located in Bedale, North Yorkshire
  • Chapel House Persian Rescue, located in the Lake District
  • Persian Rescue – Bristol
  • London Persian Rescue – located in south east London

If you click on the links above you’ll see more details about these organizations.

Himalayan Cat Rescue to Persian Cat Rescue

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