Himalayan Cat with Dali Whiskers

A Helmi Flick cat picture.

Dali with Ocelot

Dali with Ocelot – no known restrictions for use of this picture.

Salvador Dali had an outrageous moustache in later life. This cute seal pointed Persian (called a Himalayan cat in America) has whiskers that remind me of Dali’s moustache. That might sound odd but each to their own, I say. Or in France, chacun son truc.

Here is a picture of Dali to show why I think of Dali when I look at this Helmi Flick picture.

Also, I seems that, subconsciously, I am thinking of the wide eyed expression of Dali. I must have seen this photograph some time ago. And I feel very fortunate to have found the picture (on Wikipedia – thank you and thanks to the deed of gift  from New York World-Telegram & Sun) and that it can be used on this site, which is highly appropriate because not only do we see the famous upturned moustache, we also see the wide eyes and a cat!

This cat in the Dali photo is an ocelot, a species of small wild cat. Ocelots can be tamed and I suspect that this particular cat was a pet belonging to Dali. That would make sense. He was a bit extravagant.

On the realist side, the ocelot is a cat with a glorious coat, as good looking as the most desirable Dali surrealist painting, which has resulted in the inevitable: commercialisation of the ocelot’s skin. I hate that. I like the pictures, though.

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Himalayan Cat "Larry" with the Dali Whiskers

Himalayan Cat “Larry” with the Dali Whiskers

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  1. Michael, thanks for the excellent comparison in photos of one of the World’ds most eccentric painters and one of the most photogenic cat whiskers.Sue, Salvador.Dali, if alive would be happy with the comparison.

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