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Are you searching for “himalayan kitten free”? You might be. I don’t blame you. You probably love cats, love the Himalayan cat breed. The Himalayan (“Himmie”) is an American name for a pointed Persian cat, a longhaired purebred cat. As it is an American cat it is probably “ultra typed”. This means bred to an extreme flat faced look. The word “type” in this context means a standard appearance inline with the breed standard. The CFA breed standard demands a flat face. This is unfortunate, as it is unhealthy. On that note you might consider adopting a traditional pointed Persian cat, a more natural cat – see traditional Persian cat.

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But, unless you are extremely lucky, you will never be able to find a free Himalayan cat. The sources of Himalayan cats and kittens are going to be breeders and extremely rarely a rescue centre, if the owner has abandoned the cat. Sometimes, surprisingly people do relinquish purebred cats. You might be lucky in bumping into a person who wants to relinquish their purebred cat or that person has become too elderly to look after their cat. You should also be aware that some purebred cats are in fact purebred mix cats. These are close to purebred but not. In short they look like purebred cats but not.

Breeders are in business so they need to make a profit. Unless they are feeling very generous and closing down their cattery and giving away retired queens you won’t get a free Himalayan cat.

Rescue centres charge adoption fees. These vary but can be around $100. This covers, veterinarian check, neutering/spaying, shots and perhaps microchipping etc.

Then you have to add on the travel costs to get to and return from the place where the cat is.

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Then most importantly you need to factor in the cost of caring for a domestic cat. This requires correct expectations. There is no point adopting a nice Himalayan cat and ignoring all the requirements of good cat caretaking.

It is said that it cost $10,000 (£10,000 in the UK) to provide proper care for a cat over its lifetime. Let’s digest that figure before we search for that elusive “Himalayan kitten free”. Obviously that figure varies enormously but it is not cheap caring for a cat when you factor in litter, food, vet’s fees, toys, grooming aids, flea treatments, cat trees etc.

If you do find a free Himalayan kitten you have to visit the place where the cat is. You need to check this out to find out how the kitten was raised. A properly raised kitten will not only be healthy but well socialised. If a purebred kitten is free, it is less likely to have both these attributes.

There are stories on the internet of people adopting a bargain basement kitten and finding that they have to spend thousands of dollars or pounds on veterinarian fees because the kitten has ill health and likely will never be healthy. If that happens the so called free Himalayan kitten becomes the exact opposite.

The truth is if you are buying a purebred kitten it is always best to go to a reliable source, a respected breeder. We have an obligation to buy from excellent breeders as these are the only type of breeder that we can justify as a society.

My personal, albeit slightly tough stance on the issue of searching for “Himalayan kitten free” is to not to do it. Rejig the thought process and start again. Admire the Himalayan cat from afar and adopt a gorgeous, handsome longhaired rescue cat from a shelter instead. A cat that needs you. The reward will be higher in the long run.

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Mar 14, 2012 Himalayan cats NEW
by: Joyce

I do not agree with your negative response to owning a pure-bred Himalayan cat. I own only pure-bred cats. My Molly Tanglefoot, which I lost last night due to anemia, secondary to chronic kidney disease), was my sweet, precious baby. I was completely and emotionally invested in her; money had nothing to do with my devotion. I had her for 16 years and she was the best cat I’ve ever had, and I’ve owned cats my entire life (I am 61). She was so beautiful and precious. She was also very loyal and devoted to me and I am devastated by her loss. When I purchased her from a reputable breeder, she was $250. Now, of course, they cost a whole lot more. I may find another Tortie Point Himalayan when I’m ready, but when I am ready, believe me, it will be only a Tortie Point Himalayan, the right one for me. If I spend that much for her care over her lifetime, what do you care? It’s not your money; it would be mine. It would be my choice. I highly recommend them if you want a truly loyal, loving, quiet, calm, and very affectionate cat.

Feb 03, 2011 Greatest Cat Ever
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

You make some excellent points here, Michael.

Purebred cats can be beautiful and there are good reasons for buying them, but the cost always reflects the quality.
They never come free – I think the only exception is if you are lucky enough to know a breeder that will allow you to adopt a retired champion or something like that.

At the same time there are many great cats to be found at the shelters at a very modest price. They usually don’t have papers, but they too have all it takes to become somebody’s “Greatest Cat Ever”.
The PoC pages are full of stories about just that… 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Himalayan Kitten For Free”

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for commenting. I think best thing to do is to find out where the nearest animal rescue shelter is and contact them. There are some great pets at shelters and they need homes. Good luck.


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