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Himalayan Kitten For Free — 11 Comments

  1. I have been looking for 2 female Himalayans for free for a while
    Mi have much experience with a menagerie of animals and have dedicated time to 2 animal shelters in the kecent past
    I had a farm with oodles of animals on it so I’m very bell versed and care of many species of animals
    I’m looking for 2 WHITE Himalayan FEMALE youngsters. To have as COMPANIONS.

  2. Hello everyone. I lost the most beautiful and intelligent best friend I’ve ever had. Her name was Lily and she was a blue cream point Himalayan. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I was able every year to take her to the vet for check-ups, shots. I would have her winter coat cut each year as well. She brightened my every day. I had a purpose and someone to care for who gave me nothing other than joy and unconditional love abundantly. I feel totally lost and alone without her.

    I have a request to anyone who raises and sells Himalayans. Should you have one that doesn’t sell or a fellow himmie lover such as myself who wants their kittens in the home if someone who’ll take the best care of and love them completely.

    I can’t pay much but should someone want to open their hearts for me or have a solution to my owning another Himalayan please e-mail me at charles13651@gmail.com I’d much appreciate it. God bless

    • Hello Charles. You have written a beautiful comment which shows how fine a relationship a person can have with his cat companion. I wish you the very best in your search for a Himalayan cat. Charles, you might like to consider joining a Himalayan group under the Yahoo Groups banner. There are lots of groups of people who discuss pedigree cats and it allows these people to meet others which may lead to an adoption for you. This is just an idea but it may not work.

      • Thank you for your words of encouragement, that meant so much. Yes Lily was my baby and so intelligent! She was like the cat version of Lassie

        • I lost a special cat 20 years ago. She is still very much in my memory. I still remember very clearly the day I found her body. The freshness of that memory will never fade.

          • I understand completely. Lily waited until I got up on a Sunday morning, then she cried out. I ran to the kitchen and she couldn’t get up. She stretched out her psw and I’ll started massaging it then within 10 min. She was gone. I laid on the floor with her for 30 min.until my best friend pulled me away. My heart hadn’t been that broken since the death of my Mother. Sure hope I can get a deal or rescue. Himmies are the most intelligent card I’ve ever had and oh so beautiful

  3. Hello,

    I have raised cats for over thirty years and loved them all, two were given to me and the others I purchased from a local shealter.
    Two of my cats were Maine Coone males and I only have one right now but they have come to be a great amazing breed of cat to own.One of my cats was a Himmi Seal Point female only 6lbs we did not breed her because she was so small. I did pay $500.00 for her and went to alot of cat shows and reading on which breed I wanted.
    Even though she did not have such a pushed in nose and she had papers, she did sneeze alot but otherwise healthy. I hope some day I can get another Maine Coone which I got the one Sir Lancelot from the shealter or anther Seal Point because I just love these cats. I do know you can also find just the right cat at a shealter if you are lucky enough to find the right one for you.

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