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His Four Cats Are the Dregs of Rescue Cats and He Loves Them — 6 Comments

  1. What a lovely man he sounds. Those cats couldn’t have ended up in a better home because he clearly understands a lot about cats.

    It’s good to hear positive news stories about men and cats. Let’s hope there’s lots more like Joseph Dobrian.

  2. Michael_I love and admire this man and can clearly understand why these sweet misfits place their trust in him.They are in good hands and are very fortunate to have him-just as he feels he is blessed to have rescued them.
    *Nice ending*

  3. A very unique cat guardian, setting an example of loving the unwanted, and receiving love in return.

    • Yes, unusual indeed. There are quite a lot of people like that though. Unsung heroes. I guess this guy just wrote an article about his experiences. Most don’t.

  4. This man is a saint. I wish more people felt like he does about special needs cats and seniors. Kittens get old and they get sick, but unless it’s a terminal illness that’s no reason to toss them aside.

    • I agree that he is a sort of saint. He doesn’t mind that these cats are in a conventional sense unattractive. Perhaps in fact he even likes that aspect of them. And I can see why because there is a great reward in looking after domestic cats who are unwanted. It goes against the grain. He has a purity of thought which is admirable.

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