Historically Lions Nearly Always Win Fights with Tigers

Historically Lions Nearly Always Win Fights with Tigers

by Stephan

Lion Masai Mara Reserve - photo by Mikee Showbiz (Flickr)

Lion Masai Mara Reserve - photo by Mikee Showbiz (Flickr)

Historically lions nearly always win fights with tigers and other large species. Historical documents prove this time and time again.

Although tigers may appear to be larger than some lions that is not always fact. Not to discredit biologist but they do not know everything! The HOLY Scriptures talk about the lion and its power and might. Lions are always willing to fight no matter what whereas tigers tend to be more hesitant, proven time and time again.

Tigers may appear to be stronger and hunt better but ask any fighter soldier, street fighter boxer whatever size and strength don't play much if you don't have the will to fight.

THE KING written in all three HOLY books, Bible, New Testament and HOLY Koran is testament to the power and glory of a true warrior and KING. No mention of the tiger.

This is not to discredit the tiger in anyway. It has and can beat a lion in a fight. However my opinion remains lions would normally win if pitted against tigers, bears or anything else.


Historically Lions Nearly Always Win Fights with Tigers to Lion vs Tiger

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Historically Lions Nearly Always Win Fights with Tigers

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Oct 06, 2010
SAYINGS SAYINGS..............
by: parth tiwari

u have written that there is no mention of tigers in holy scriptures..... alright u r considering WESTERN WORLD scriptures.......
not to blame u . but do u know that west has coe up with a culture that knew only lions.. not tigers cuz actually they hadnt evn seen tigers at all. romans conquered africa and fossils and other texts tel that lions were almost common in europe by 5th century bc- 2nd century bc. they were then hutned off...... do u find any extracts telling romans invaded asia? perhaps not.....
but u must come to russian east; china; india; south-east asia etc...
u'll find glories of just tigers and in india where both the animals were present, both have been considered equal... u can reer to asian texts... all odes are present there praising the tiger's strength and its courage.....

people just say what there ancestors pass on to them and when a new theory comes they are not able to accept it even if it's true......

May 28, 2010
I agree with Phil
by: Tracey

Sorry but I agree with Phil.

I've now seen (but not always read) more of these posts about lions fighting tigers than I care to remember.

This is just one too many for me.

I don't wish to be rude but I don't actually care who would win in a fight.

May 28, 2010
I agree with Phil...
by: Maggie Sharp

I agree with Phil... But really I don't know how often a tiger would actually come across a lion. Tigers live in dense forests, they have individual territories and typically avoid contact with other large cats. Lions, on the other hand, generally live in large open plains, they too have territories but they live in prides.

The majority of tiger and lion fights would probably be organised by humans...

May 27, 2010
by: Phil

These lion vs tiger posts are getting more and more weird...

I'm not sure whether it can be stated that 'historically' lions have outfought tigers, since they have been restricted to different continents since Man has been around. Might have happened occasionally in captivity, but that would have been very uncommon.

And I don't want to offend anyone's beliefs, but to base a practical argument on mostly allegorical scriptures that are at least 1,500 years old doesn't strike as me as very sound. I'm not disputing or agreeing with the final opinion, just the argument, which is specious. Or just a troll.


Historically Lions Nearly Always Win Fights with Tigers — 1 Comment

  1. People from the East! The name “Singh” what does it translate late to i wonder!!! Well let me tell you Lion not Tiger so i say who is King!!!!!

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